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2017 Lunar New Year Event

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2017 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 30
Item(s) (Consumed): 100 Lamb Horn, 25 Soft Wool
Base Experience: 5000
Job Experience: 4000
Event Notice
  1. Head over to south-east Payon and talk with Shepherd Bori .
  2. Agree to help him find 5 of his Lost Lambs. He will give you 10 Hunting Rope to tame them.
    • if you have less then 5 (either by using, or wasting one) he will give you 5 additional ropes.
  3. Search all over Rune Midgard and other areas to find the Lost Lambs. You will also need to collect 100 Lamb Horns by euthanizing these bad lambs.
  4. Return to Bori to deliver the Captured Sheep. He will reward you with 5 Soft Wool.
    NOTE: He will take ALL of your Captured Sheep in your inventory. It is recommended to put extra in storage. There is no benefit of turning in more than 5 at a time.
  5. After you have collected 25 Soft Wool, and 100 Lamb Horn, talk to Fancy Shepherd Boy just to the right of Bori. He will trade those items for one of these headgears:
    • Horse King
    • Costume Los Pollos Locos
    • Gorilla Model Hat
    • Costume: Baphomet Hat
    • Costume Harum Beret