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Tarot Card of Fate

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Tarot Card of Fate.png Tarot Card of Fate
Tarot Card of Fate Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 40 (if successful)
Cast Time: 1
Cast Delay: 3
Target: Foes
Range: 9 cells
(Archer) Improve Concentration Lv. 10, (Bard) Unchained Serenade Lv. 3, (Dancer) Hip Shaker Lv. 3


Causes a Random effect from a list of fourteen "cards" when successful.

Level Success Rate
1 8%
2 16%
3 24%
4 32%
5 40%


Depiction Card Name Effect
Tarot The Fool.png The Fool Reduces target's SP to 0.
Tarot The Magician.png The Magician Cuts target's MATK in half for 30 seconds.
Tarot The High Priestess.png The High Priestess Removes all buffs on target.
Tarot The Chariot.png The Chariot Deals 1000 DEF-ignoring damage to target. Randomly breaks one of target's armors.
Tarot Strength.png Strength Cuts target's ATK in half for 30 seconds.
Tarot The Lovers.png The Lovers Randomly teleports the target (on maps that allow teleport) and heals the caster by 2000 HP.
Tarot Wheel of Fortune.png Wheel of Fortune Randomly causes the effects of two other tarot cards.
Tarot The Hanged Man.png The Hanged Man Target is Frozen/Stone Cursed/Stop at 100% chance.
Tarot Temperance.png Temperance Target has Chaos effect for 30 seconds.
Tarot The Devil.png The Devil Deals 6666 DEF-ignoring damage to the target, halves ATK and MATK for 30 seconds, and causes Curse.
Tarot Death.png Death Target gets Cursed, Coma'd, and Poisoned.
Tarot The Tower.png The Tower Deals 4444 DEF-ignoring damage to the target.
Tarot The Star.png The Star Target is Stunned for 5 seconds.
Tarot The Sun.png The Sun Cuts target's ATK, MATK, Flee rate, HIT, and DEF by 20% for 30 seconds.


  • The skill's 40% success rate cannot be further increased by the caster.
  • The target cannot reduce the skill's success rate, but his or her resistance to status effects (e.g. Curse, Poison, Stone, etc.) is taken into account.
  • Cast time can be reduced by increasing DEX.
  • SP is not consumed, but Cast Delay applies, when this skill fails.
  • This skill works through Pneuma.
  • Damage is not reduced in WoE.