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GMs and CMs of Significance

  • Campitor: Current Ragnarok's Producer.
  • Heimdallr: Former Ragnarok's Producer. He is in charge of new content, is active on the official Gravity forums and frequently visits community fansites.
  • Astra: Current Ragnarok's Community Manager on the forums.
  • Oda: Former Ragnarok's Community Manager on the forums. Oda takes care of most of the disputes on the forums as well as writing quests and assisting players in-game. Oda is perhaps the most active GM in-game on iRO GM 08 (a female character, but Oda is actually male) and occasionally helps with or runs in-game events.
  • Xealot: Current Ragnarok's GM Liaison.
  • Hastur: Formerly active on Ragnarok, has since moved to managing Requiem.
  • Holden: Bugfixer for Ragnarok, active on the official forums.
  • Corvus: Customer Service Manager,active on official forums
  • GOD-POING: Christy, (former head GM?) GM who was very active in the early days of RO, but hasn't been publicly seen for some time. GM 08 said she had left Gravity.