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Note: The purpose of this guide to help new or returning players catch up on the all the tip and tricks to make zeny in this game. Please do not suggest any Bad Practices or Bannable Tricks!


This Community Guide is created to help and advise New/Returning/Old Players on how to farm zeny in iRO. The aim is to provide guidance and the initial direction or even end farming. This guide will be updated with newer tips from time to time. Also requesting any other member to add their suggestions below or reach out to me to further improve the guide.

Where to Start?

To start off, it is advised to create a separate game account on the same Warp Portal account and level a Blacksmith to Base level 70 with maximum level Greed, Overcharge, Discount, Pushcart, Enlarge Weight Limit, and Vending. The reason will be explained in the Tips and Tricks section.

Tips & Tricks

Blacksmith Related Tips

  • Buy a Beelzebub wing or cheap Fly wings. Enter Gramps Low TI and greed everything that is on floor. Most of these can be sold to NPCs and some of them can be sold/vended in Prontera Shops.
  • Sell any Junk found to the NPC Shop or the High Value Trader with the Overcharge Skill.
  • Buy all NPC items using Discount. This will save zeny.

Farming Tips

  • Farm cards that are from the current content. There are some univeral cards that will be a good price even in later years
  • Farm Cards like Phen, Marine Sphere, Rockridge Cramp, Restless Dead Card, Marduk, Earth Deleter, Mavka, Anubis, Headless Mule, Polluted Wanderman, Sweet Nightmare, and Hunter Fly.
  • Farm Hair style items like glossy hair, short daengie, and daengie.
  • Farm Eden Leveling Items like Sticky Webfoot, Maneater Blossoms.
  • Farm SP Items like Strawberries, Ygg Berry, Ygg Seeds, Mora Mandarin.
  • Farm Crafting materials like Empty Bottles, Zenorc Fangs, Mushroom Spores, Posion Spores, Mermaid Heart.
  • Farm Herbs like White, Yellow, Blue, Red.

Quest Tips

  • Grind Royal banquet quests for Royal Guard Shield.
  • Grind Episode quests for Grace, Nobelese equips to turn them into certificates.
  • Run Daily Quests for Episode 17.2 to collect Barmeals and other Mats.

Instance Tips

  • Sara's memory is a good instance to farm for starter zeny. Selling the Food items dropped can be sold to make up to 1 million zeny. Note: Doyen's food cannot be sold to NPC.
  • Faceworm Nest can be used to farm Karvo (10-20k) and Giant Faceworm Skin (800k-1M) for some steady zeny.