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ID Name Description Special Effects Weight Binding Buying Price Selling Price Dropped by
12991 Party Hard Pack This pack is filled with goodies to last for 2.5 hours of high efficiency leveling. This is a special prize for showing your support for Ragnarok Online during the Summer of 09! Gives: 5 × Life Insurance, 10 × Token of Siegfried, 200 × Giant Fly Wing, 10 × HE Battle Manual, 10 × HE Bubble Gum, 50 × LV10 Blessing Scroll, 10 × LV10 Agil Scroll, 50 × LV5 Assumptio Scroll Unknown None Unknown Unknown Nothing



ID Name Description Special Effects Weight Required Job Required Level Upgradable Damageable Binding Head Position Def Mdef Buying Price Selling Price Dropped by
5384 Twin Pom Santa A Santa Hat with two pom-poms instead of one for double the Christmas fun! Luk + 3 20 None 20 Unknown Unknown None Upper 4 0 Unknown Unknown Unknown
5388 Snake Head This cute, animated boa will keep you company as you meander around on your adventures. Enables use of level 5 Double Attack. 10 None 30 Unknown Unknown Account Upper 2 0 Unknown Unknown Nothing
5660 Gryphon Hat None Adds a 0.5% chance of using level 1 Endow Tsunami on the wearer when using a melee attack. 40 None 1 Unknown Unknown None Upper 1 0 Unknown Unknown Nothing
5746 Rune Circlet
5747 Mitra
5748 Sniper Goggle
5749 Driver Band
5750 Shadow Handicraft
5751 Maestro's Song Hat
5752 Midas Whisper
5753 Magic Stone Hat
5754 Blazing Soul
5755 Silent Executor
5756 Wind Whisper
5757 Dip Schmidt Helm
5758 Dying Swan
5760 Driver Band
18553 Christmas Tree Hat A 'fashionable' Christmas tree hat designed by Louise Carol. Adds a 1% chance of a Cookie Bag dropping when killing a monster. If refined to +7, the drop chance increases to 3%. If refined to +9, the drop chance increases to 5%. 50 None 30 Yes Unknown None Upper 3 0 Unknown Unknown Nothing