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Training Grounds/Restart

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The Novice Training Grounds is a facility of which all new characters are sent to as a Novice. It contains many tutorials, free EXP and items to new players. Most people choose to stay in them until Job Level 10, when they can turn into first classes/expanded classes. The training grounds has 4 original maps, and 6 maps that are identical except for the monsters they hold. The training grounds has many areas that are normally inacessable, but are accessable via Fly Wings. Once the player leaves the training grounds, it is impossible to return.

Once you spawn in, go to the right and speak with Gramps. Answer his questions correctly to access the Training Grounds Castle. There you will have to talk to a number of NPCs. You will acquire the First Aid Skill, gain base and job levels, some basic equipments, and other consumable items (like Novice Potions). Once you're finishing talking to all the NPCs, you will be teleported to the Battle Grounds.

Battle Ground NPCs


  • Brade: Besides giving you your first quest (to kill 1 Poring), this NPC also will heal you at any point. Healing with him often can save you pots.
  • Trainer (103, 50): This NPC can transfer you to any of the five levels of the combat area.
  • Merchant (100, 50): This NPC sells Potato, but it's only practical use is for selling your items for the Merchant Quest.

First Job Guides

The NPCs in the combat area that represent each of the game's six first jobs offer manuals, quests, and teleportation to job change NPCs outside of the Training Grounds. The manuals allow you to try a few of the first job skills. The quests offer a reward of experience and various items.

The available manuals are:

Note: Remember to reequip your items after receiving a manual.

The available quests are:

  • Swordsman: Kill 2 Picky to receive 7,500 base experience, 150 job experience, and 200 Novice Potion.
  • Mage: Kill 5 Lunatic to receive 7,500 base experience, 150 job experience, and 30 Novice Butterfly Wing.
  • Thief: Kill 5 Willow to receive 7,500 base experience, some job experience, and 50 Novice Fly Wing.
  • Merchant: Pay 300 zeny to receive 7,500 base experience, some job experience, and 7 Phracon.

If you want, talk with the 'Trainer' NPC (103, 50) to move between levels.

The monsters on each of the levels are:

  • Level 1: Poring, Drops, Lunatic, Fabre, Chonchon, Willow
  • Level 2: Condor, Picky, Willow, Fabre, Roda Frog
  • Level 3: Condor, Picky, Willow, Fabre, Roda Frog
  • Level 4: Rocker, Spore, Fabre
  • Level 5: Rocker, Spore, Fabre