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Arrow Shower
Imp Concentration
Double Strafe
Owl's Eye
Vulture's Eye
Dance Lesson
Sling Arrow
Hip Shaker
Focus Ballet
Slow Grace
Lady Luck
Gypsy's Kiss
Mental Sensing
Down Tempo
Battle Theme
Harmonic Lick
Classic Pluck
Acoustic Rhythm
Arrow Vulcan
Sheltering Bliss
Marionette Control
Skilled Special Singer
Hermode's Rod
Tarot Card of Fate
Voice Lessons
Deep Sleep Lullaby
Despair Song
Improvised Song
Gloomy Shyness
Siren's Voice
Circling Nature
Death Valley
Dominion Impulse
Metallic Sound
Severe Rainstorm
Moonlight Serenade
Lover Symphony
Swing Dance
Lerad's Dew
Warcry from Beyond
Song of Mana
Sinking Melody
Dances with Warg
Saturday Night Fever
Destruction Song
Infinite Humming
Great Echo
Frigg's Song
Full Throttle
Sound Blend
Metallic Fury
Rhythm Shooting
Rose Blossom
Mystic Symphony
Stage Manner
Geffenia Nocturne
Sernade of Jawaii
Capriccio of Loki
Rhapsody of Mineworker
Musical Interlude
March of Prontera
Requiem of Niflheim
Sonata of Kyasir
Charming Wink
Arrow Repel
Arrow Create