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Welcome to the iRO Wiki Archive, hosting information on Pre-Renewal mechanics and information. This site is dedicated to hosting information about Ragnarok Online.

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  • The server is currently having an EXP boost (2x for non-VIP and 4x for VIP) event!

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Visit the iRO Wiki Pre-Renewal Classic map, monster and item database here.

General Topics
  • Introduction to Ragnarok Online - An introduction to the world of RO.
  • Kafra, Cool Event Corp & Cat Hand Services - Three organizations in the game that assist players by providing services such as Storage and Teleportation between cities and dungeons.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - General often-asked questions.
  • Downloads - Various Ragnarok resources available for download.
  • Basic Game Control - In-game commands and controls, and how to 'play' in general.
  • Levels - Basic introduction on how to level and EXP tables.
    • Experience - How EXP is calculated and modifiers.
  • Stats - In-depth view on how stats work in Ragnarok Online.
  • Skills - Shows skill usage and how they work.
  • World Map - Map of the world of Ragnarok Online.
  • Classes - Introduction to classes in Ragnarok Online.
  • Items - Description on items and how they work.
  • Element - Shows relationship between magical elemental properties in the game.
  • Monsters - Information on monsters of Ragnarok Online.
  • Experience - How experience is calculated and earned.
  • Quests - Lists all available quests.
  • Game Mechanics - All the boring mathematics and whatnots of Ragnarok's inner workings.
  • Servers - List of worldwide Ragnarok servers, and general information about each.
    • Free to Play Servers are a special type of server; not all versions have one.
    • PK Servers are another special type, which allow Player Killing in maps outside PvP.
  • Renewal - Complete game-overhaul update currently on kRO.
  • Glossary - A list of commonly used acronyms and abbreviations.
Specific Topics
  • Leveling Spots - Details on where to level at what level as what class/build.
  • Status Effects - Information on status debuffs in general and how they work.
  • Status Icons - Guide to the various screen icons.
  • Card System & Card Reference - Information on cards and how they work.
  • Refinement System - Information on NPC upgrades. Creation from Blacksmiths can be seen in their own page.
  • Cooking - Give yourself that extra boost with tasty foods.
  • Pet System - Information on cute pets. Alchemist's Homunculus info are on their own page.
  • Instances - Special dungeons involving NPC-narrated quests.
  • Mail System - Easily transfer items and zeny to another account, and keep in touch with friends.
  • Auction System - Set up an auction for your extremely expensive items, winners will have the item mailed to them.
  • Book Reading System - Allows certain books to be read in-game using a special interface.
  • Kafra Shop - Learn about iRO's Item Mall.
  • Al de Baran Turbo Track - Run through a 9-course track to claim various prizes.
  • Izlude Arena - Battle monsters to earn points, go solo or bring some friends!
  • Hugel Minigames - Win some prizes in Hugel by playing Bingo or betting on monster races!
  • Marriage System - If you have a sweetheart, you might consider marrying in RO.
  • Adoption System - Players can choose to be adopted by a pair of characters that are married.
  • Grouping - Gives basic information on parties and guilds.
    • Party - Level up together.
    • Guild System - Battle in War of Emperium and donate EXP to the cause.
  • PvP - Details of the Player versus Player arenas.
  • Battlegrounds - Duke it out with another team on special battle maps!
  • War of Emperium & War of Emperium 2 - Information on the two WoE features.
  • USRC - Annual team PVP competition to select iRO's RWC representatives.
  • Mercenary System - How mercenaries work.
  • Socket Enchant - Shows details on socket enchanting equipment.
  • Hidden Enchant - Add stat bonuses to certain armors.
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