2009 Valentine's Day Event (2009/02/10) ~ (2009/02/24)

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Ring Exchange

2009 Valentine's Day Event (2009/02/10) ~ (2009/02/24)
Base Level: 75
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Wrapping Paper, 1 Wrapping Lace, 1 Box
Zeny: 1000
Item(s): Silver or Gold Ring of Valentine

1. Talk to Event Ring Maker (prontera 154, 185) in Prontera. She will make a Valentine Gift Box using 1 Wrapping Paper, 1 Wrapping Lace, 1 Box, and 1000 Zeny.

  • Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Lace, and Box can be purchased from Packs Trader in Prontera (147, 171).

2. Give your ring to a character of the opposite gender.

3. To turn in your ring, talk to Valentine Vote Manager (prontera 157,185). The two characters (one of each gender) with the most "votes" will receive a special 1-year Valentine's Emblem accessory at the conclusion of the event. The top 10 vote-getters on each server will also have their names entered into the iRO website's Hall of Honor.

Chocolate Making