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In Ragnarok Online, there are rectangular items that have the suffix of "Card" on them, with the prefix being a monster's name - such as a Poring Card. These cards are installed into equipment to provide specific bonuses to it! For information on specific cards, visit our Database. For a more organized list of common cards, see the Card Reference.

Acquiring Cards

You can acquire cards in different ways:

  • Most monsters in the game have small chance of dropping their own card.
  • Old Card Albums, which create a random (non-MVP) card when opened.
  • Trade or buy one from a Merchant's vending shop.

Installing Cards

By double-clicking the card, you can "compound" or 'install' the card into a piece of equipment of your choice. The card does not disappear from your inventory until you actually install the card in a piece of equipment.

To install, the equipment must have a 'slot' available for a card to go in. Cards only install into their own specific type of equipment category- but this is evident since when you double-click the card to install, you are shown list of equipment you currently have that the card can be put in to. Right click the card to see what effect it gives, and where it is installed.

To see if your equipment has a slot available for a card, simply mouseover the equipment in question. if it does, it'll appear with suffix [1], [2], and such. An example would be 'Guard [1]', which means it has 1 slot for inserting a card. Only weapons have more than 1 spot for installing cards.

Some equipment can have slots added to them via Socket Enchant.


Once you install a card into an equipment, you cannot remove the card from equipment under any circumstance! Knowing that, please think again if you truly wish to install the card into an equipment - especially if equipment / card you are compounding are rare or expensive. Also, note that many weapons (mainly weapons that can also be bought from NPC shops) have multiple variants with different numbers of slots. For example, the shop-bought Blade [3] and monster-dropped Blade [4]. You'll want to compound cards on Blade [4], not Blade [3]. Take this into account before compounding cards or upgrading.

Also note, if equipment is destroyed because you failed when you tried to upgrade it, equipment AND all of the installed cards will be destroyed. So it is recommended you get an equipment already upgraded to highest level you can get (either by upgrading by yourself or buying one from other players) before installing the card. Damage to the equipment during battle (being "broken"), however, will not harm the cards.

The above does not affect items that are merely broken through enemy or player abilities. All cards, upgrades, and such are still intact on a broken equipment.

Card Types

Types of equipment cards can be compounded with:


Certain bonuses are granted when using various combinations of cards at the same time.

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