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This is a reference of cards which can be grouped according to their effects.

Autocast Cards

See Autocast for cards that enable the player to automatically cast a skill under certain circumstances.

Status Defensive Cards

The following cards grant immunity or reduction to status effects.

Status Effect Immunity Cards Resistance Cards
Bleeding Ungoliant Card Wootan Fighter Card
Blind Deviruchi Card Martin Card
Chaos Evil Snake Lord Card, Giearth Card Wootan Shooter Card
Curse Evil Snake Lord Card N/A
Frozen Evil Druid Card (via element), Marc Card, Detardeus Card Megalodon Card
Poison N/A Ghoul Card
Silence Marduk Card Stainer Card
Sleep Nightmare Card Coco Card, Gemini-S58 Card [1]
Stone Medusa Card, Evil Druid Card (via element) Munak Card (15%), Argos Card, Gemini-S58 Card [1]
Stun Orc Hero Card Stalactic Golem Card, Gemini-S58 Card [2]
  • Unless specified, resistance cards provide 20% resistance.
  • Evil Druid Card users are immune to Stone and Frozen because they are of Undead property, and naturally Undeads cannot be frozen or stoned.
  • [1] Gemini-S58 Card provides 50% resistance if the user's VIT is 80 or greater.
  • [2] Gemini-S58 Card provides 30% resistance if the user's AGI is 90 or greater.

Elemental Damage Reduction Cards

The following garment cards reduce received damage by 30% based on the attack's element, except for those which reduce neutral element damage, which vary in their reductions.

Element Card Prefix or Suffix
Neutral Orc Baby Card (10%)[1] Extra-High Level
Noxious Card (10%) Anti-Sniping
Harpy Card (15%) Vicious
Raydric Card (20%) Immune
Deviling Card (50%)[2] Deviant
Fire Jakk Card Flameguard
Water Marse Card Genie's
Wind Dustiness Card of Warmth
Earth Hode Card Glorious
Holy None N/A
Shadow Isis Card Divine
Undead Orc Zombie Card Angelic
Ghost Marionette Card of Ghost
Poison Myst Card Innoxious
  • There is no card which reduces damage from the holy element.
  • [1] Orc Baby Cards reduce neutral element damage by an additional 5% if compounded to a garment which is refined to +9 or higher.
  • [2] Deviling Cards also increase damage from elements other than neutral by 50%.

Racial Damage Reduction Cards

The following shield cards reduce received damage by 30% based on the race of the enemy.

Generally when a player hunts, an appropriate shield with a racial damage reduction card is a very useful tool; unless a different card is a requirement for the shield slot, these cards are the main priority.

Race Card Prefix or Suffix
Demi Human Thara Frog Card Cranial
Brute Orc Warrior Card Brutal
Insect Bigfoot Card of Gargantua
Formless Penomena Card Fire-Proof
Demon Khalitzburg Card from Hell
Undead Teddy Bear Card of Requiem
Fish Rafflesia Card Homer's
Plant Soldier Andre Card of Cadi
Dragon Sky Petite Card of Dragoon
Angel Anubis Card Satanic

Shield Size Damage Reduction Cards

The following shield cards reduce received damage by 25% based on the size of the enemy. They are a useful substitute for racial damage reduction cards in areas where most or all enemies are the same size.

Size Card Prefix or Suffix
Small Mysteltainn Card Anti-small
Medium Ogretooth Card Anti-medium
Large Executioner Card Anti-large
  • These cards reduce both physical and magical damage, even for attacks which ignore DEF and MDEF.
  • Each of these cards also add 1 DEF.
  • Hodremlin Card reduces all damage by 15% as a size-based reduction.

EXP Increase Cards by Race

The following cards grants 10% more EXP for the user when they do the last blow to kill a monster of a certain race. The tradeoff, however, is that the user will also take more 20% damage from monsters of that race. All of these cards are used in Footgear, and as such are often called EXP Shoes.

Race Card Prefix
Demi Human Am Mut Card Assassinator's
Brute Mini Demon Card Poacher's
Insect Skeleton General Card Insect Collector's
Formless Iron Fist Card Veteran Hunter's
Demon Ancient Worm Card Witch Doctor's
Undead Zombie Prisoner Card Undead Killer's
Fish Gullinbursti Card Fisherman's
Plant Gajomart Card Havoc Bringer's
Dragon Explosion Card Dragon Slayer's
Angel Christmas Cookie Card Fallen Angel's
  • The Iron Fist Card is very scarce as the monster has no normal spawns (however it can be summoned from Dead Branches or Polymorphs via Hylozoist Card or the weapon Azoth). The card is also available from Old Card Albums.

Garment Elemental Damage Increase Cards

These cards will provide +5 ATK, increases Critical rate by 15 to a specific race, provides 10% increased damage to a certain Element and are placed in Garments.

Element Race Card Prefix or Suffix
Earth Brute / Plant Magmaring Card Scorching
Water Fish Roween Card Breeze

Critical Weapon Cards by Race

The following cards will add 10% more damage to your critical attacks, and also add 7 critical rate against a certain race, placed in weapon slots. These cards are useful for characters oriented to critical attacks.

Race Card Prefix or Suffix
Demi Human Assaulter Card Killing
Brute Cruiser Card Poaching
Insect Bloody Murderer Card Man-Eater's
Formless Goblin Steamrider Card of Fatal Flame
Demon Panzer Goblin Card Fatally Evil
Undead Goblin Archer Card Piercing
Fish Rotar Zairo Card of Fatal Pisces
Plant Kobold Archer Card Deadly Plant's
Dragon Dullahan Card Fatal Serpentine
Angel None N/A

Weapons Cards by Race

The following weapon cards increase inflicted physical damage by 20% based on the race of the enemy.

Race Card Prefix
Demi Human Hydra Card Bloody
Brute Goblin Card Clamorous
Insect Caramel Card Insecticide
Formless Pecopeco Egg Card Beholder
Demon Strouf Card Decussate
Undead Scorpion King Card (N/A)[1] Divine
Fish Flora Card Fisher
Plant Scorpion Card Chemical
Dragon Earth Petite Card Dragoon
Angel None N/A
  • Due to no card being available against the angel race, it is required to use an appropriate card or items against the element; generally, angels are holy. Size cards also work.
  • Aditionally, Abysmal Knight Card (prefix: liberation) adds 25% damage with physical attacks towards boss protocol monsters.
  • 1Scorpion King Card is currently unobtainable.

Weapon Cards by Element

These cards add 20% damage of physical attacks against the element it targets. Generally the cards that work against the four basic elements (fire, water, wind, earth) are less powerful than simply changing the element of the weapon (using blacksmith-forged weapons, for example), but can be stacked with elemental converters or a sage's endows. Players are generally of neutral element, unless their armor changes it.

Element Card Prefix or Suffix
Fire Vadon Card Flammable
Water Drainliar Card Saharic
Wind Mandragora Card Windy
Earth Kaho Card Underneath
Holy Orc Skeleton Card Damned
Shadow Santa Poring Card Hallowed
Poison Anacondaq Card Envenom
Ghost Mao Guai Card [1] of Exorcism
  • There is no card against the undead element, so it is needed to target the race instead (usually also undead race) or the size.
  • [1] There is a card against the ghost element; but usually an elemental weapon is required. In order to use it, the weapon must first be endowed with an element. This can by done by a sage, scholar or taekwon kid's Endow skills or elemental converters, the Cursed Water item, or by a priest's Aspersio.
  • For neutral, use racial or size cards as well.

Weapon Cards by Size

The following weapon cards increase inflicted physical damage by 15% based on the enemy's size.

Size Card Prefix
Small Desert Wolf Card Gigantic
Medium Skeleton Worker Card Boned
Large Minorous Card Titan

Weapon Cards by Status Effect

Status Card Prefix
Poison Zenorc Card (4%) Venomer's
Snake Card Untouchable
Stun Skeleton Card (2%) Keen
Savage Babe Card Stun
Silence Metaller Card Silence
Blind Familiar Card Blink
Sleep Plankton Card Drowsy
Freeze Marina Card Ice
Curse Magnolia Card Cursing
Bleeding Breeze Card Bleeding
Chaos Requiem Card Chaos
  • Unless otherwise stated, all of these cards have a 5% base chance of inflicting their respective status effect.
  • Several cards also add 5 or 10 ATK.

Armor Cards by Status Effect

Status Effect Card Effect Addition
Bleeding Killer Mantis Card -
Skogul Card Autocast on both wearer and attacker when receiving damage
Blind Grizzly Card Chance increases if Bigfoot Card is also equipped
Kraben Card -
Chaos Creamy Fear Card -
Karakasa Card Chance increases if wearer has 77 or higher base STR
Red Novus Card Autocast on both wearer and attacker when receiving damage
Curse Nightmare Terror Card Chance increases if Nightmare Card is also equipped
Wraith Dead Card -
Frozen Hatii Card Chance increases if Baby Hatii Card is also equipped
Sasquatch Card -
Poison Chimera Card Chance increases if wearer is Assassin class
Giant Spider Card -
Venomous Card Autocast on both wearer and attacker when receiving damage
Silence Brilight Card -
Disguise Card Chance increases if wearer has 77 or higher base VIT
Sleep Demon Pungus Card -
Skel Prisoner Card Chance increases if Skeleton Card is also equipped
Stone Curse Dark Frame Card -
Pest Card Chance increases if wearer has 77 or higher base INT
Stun Majorous Card -
Rybio Card Chance increases if wearer has 77 or higher base DEX

Weapon Card Combinations

The best possible card combinations for a certain weapon is the combination most specifically targeted at the monster it is designed for. Since all monsters have a size, element, and race, a weapon combining aspects targeted for each property of the monster will have the most effect. For example, a Double Fisher Double Saharic Mace. Fisher (Flora Card) does 20% more damage to fish, and saharic (Drainliar Card) does 20% more to water element. In all the weapon does 140% x 140%, or 196%, damage to a monster with both water and fish properties. A quad fisher or quad saharic would only do 180% damage. Adding a third card for size would potentially further strengthen the weapon, at the cost of universal use.

Abysmal Knight Card is an exception to this rule because it adds 25% more damage, higher than Hydra Card and its friends. Therefore one of the best card combination for MVP is 4 Abysmal Knight Card. The total is 100% more damage, which means your attacks will do 200% damage.

Such weapons are best aimed at certain monsters that a player intends to hunt. Stronger card combinations result in reduced global use. Also, since lower level weapons have more slots than higher ones, for card combinations it is generally more useful to have more slots (and thus more cards) than the increased ATK of higher level weapons.

"High Upgrade Level" Cards

These cards will increase a certain stat by a certain amount, then increase it further if the equipment it is placed into has an upgrade level of 9 or above. Each of these cards fit into a different equipment type. Often, these cards are the best to place into a highly upgraded piece of equipment, because they can increase stats beyond what other cards can do.

Card Stat Increased Boost at +9/+10 Equipment Prefix Equipment Type
Apocalypse +2 VIT +800 Max HP Prime Armor
Carat +2 INT +150 Max SP Maestro Headgears
Firelock Soldier +2 STR +10% Max HP and Max SP Superior Footgear
Freezer Max HP + 300 Bash damage + 10% Sword-Master's Footgear
Nine Tail +2 AGI +20 Flee De Luxe Garments
Orc Baby +10 Flee
10% Neutral tolerance
Additional +5 Flee
Additional 5% Neutral tolerance
Extra High Level Garments
Sting +2 DEF +5 MDEF Supreme Shield

"Low Upgrade Level" Cards

These cards, similar to the "High Level" cards, give a certain status increase and an additional boost. However, the additional increase is only applicable if the equipment the card is slotted into has an upgrade level of below 5.

Card Stat Increased Boost at less than +5 Equipment Equipment Type
Blue Acidus +40 Max SP Additional +40 Max SP,
+5% SP Recovery
Gold Acidus +4% Max SP,
+4% Max HP
Additional +4% Max SP,
+4% Max HP,
+5% SP Recovery
Kavach Icarus +10 Flee Additional +10 Flee,
+1 Perfect Dodge

Elemental Armor Cards

The following cards will endow your armor with a certain element; and thus your character as well. These can be useful to benefit from certain resistances of elements, such as using a fire element armor to resist fire element attacks. Note that only the character's property changes; attacks do not gain an element. They all go into Armor.

Note that the elements are all of level 1, for example Angeling card will give the Holy 1 element.

Element (level 1) Card Prefix or Suffix
Holy Angeling Holy
Ghost Ghostring Ghost
Poison Argiope Poisoning
Undead Evil Druid Deadly
Fire Pasana of Ifrit
Water Swordfish Aqua
Wind Dokebi of Zephyrus
Earth Sandman of Gnome
Shadow Bathory Evil

Stat Switching Cards

The following cards increase a certain stat, dependent on the amount of a different stat. Each card increases a stat by 1 for every 18 points in another. All of these cards go into Armor.

Note that the compared stat only calculates the base points; bonuses from job levels, buffs or other equipment does not apply.

Card Increased Stat
(+1 for each 18 base points in Compared Stat)
Compared Stat Suffix
Venatu Card LUK AGI of Luck Switching
Egnigem Cenia Card (non-MVP) STR INT of Power Switching
Ancient Mimic Card AGI LUK of Agility Switching
Dame of Sentinel Card DEX VIT of Dexterity Switching
Mistress of Shelter Card INT STR of Intelligence Switching
Obsidian Card VIT DEX of Vital Switching

Food-Dropping Cards

The following accessory cards cause level 3 food items to drop at a 0.5% chance when monsters of certain races are killed with physical attacks.

Food Card Required Race of Monster Prefix or Suffix
Tentacle Cheese Gratin (AGI) Anopheles Card Insect of Value
Fried Sweet Potato (LUK) Baroness of Retribution Card Angel Snack
Bomber Steak (STR) Gremlin Card Brute Health
Honey Herbal Tea (INT) Dragon Egg Card Dragon Drink
Fruit Mix (DEX) Grove Card Formless Sweet
Clam Soup (VIT) Armeyer Dinze Card Fish Stamina

Box-Dropping Cards

The following accessory cards cause various ‘box’ items to drop at a low chance when monsters of certain races are killed.

Box Card Box Effect Required Race of Monster Prefix or Suffix
Box of Drowsiness Sleeper Card Increases MATK by 20 for 60 seconds Fish of Siesta
Box of Resentment Raydric Archer Card Increases ATK by 20 for 60 seconds Demon of the Spooky Night
Box of Gloom Cloud Hermit Card Uses level 1 Improve Concentration Plant Dark Sky
Box of Storms Stem Worm Card Endows the user's weapon with the water property for 3 minutes Brute Monsoon
Box of Sunlight Jing Guai Card Enables hidden enemies to be seen for 30 seconds Angel of Dawn
Box of Thunder Gargoyle Card Increases the user's movement speed for 20 seconds Insect of Serenity
Box of Panting Orc Archer Card Restores 9% of maximum SP, but has a 30% chance to silence the user for 30 seconds Demi Human Desirable
Giggling Box Wraith Card Restores 9% of Maximum HP, but has a 30% chance to curse the user for 30 seconds Undead of Last Laugh

Added Stats for Upgrade Cards

The following cards increase a certain stat by 1 for each upgrade level of the equipment it is slotted into. However, it also reduces it for a fixed amount. Thus in order for the card to be useful, the equipment must be highly upgraded.

Note that a similar card for DEX is not available.

Stat (+1 for each upgrade) Card Base Reduction Prefix or Suffix Equipment Type
STR Seyren Windsor Card -6 STR of Lost Power Headgear
VIT Dimik Card -5 VIT Weakening Armor
INT Despero of Thanatos Card -6 INT Stupidity Shield
LUK Green Maiden Card -6 LUK Cursed Garment
AGI Odium of Thanatos Card -5 AGI of Slowness Footgear

Magic Skill Buff Cards

The following cards work as buffs for various Magician, Wizard, and High Wizard skills. These cards are all for weapons, and thus can be multiplied in strength by placing several in one weapon. However, when the weapon is unequipped, 50 SP will be consumed.

Card Skills Buffed Damage Increase Prefix or Suffix
Death Word Card Napalm Beat,
Soul Strike,
Napalm Vulcan
5% Soul
Hill Wind Card Thunderstorm,
Jupitel Thunder,
Lord of Vermilion
5% Sylph
Laurell Weinder Card Frost Nova,
Storm Gust
3% Undine
Pitman Card Earth Spike,
Heaven's Drive
5% Gnome
Red Ferus Card Fire Pillar,
Meteor Storm
5% Salamander

Magic Resist Cards

The following cards increase MDEF and some also increase DEF. These bonuses, however, only apply if the equipment they are slotted into are upgraded to +5 or less. They each go into a different equipment type, but all have the suffix of magic resist.

Card Effect Prefix or Suffix Equipment Type
Gibbet Card +5 MDEF of Magical Immunity Headgear
Goat Card +5 MDEF, +2 DEF Spell-Proof Armor
Arclouze Card +3 MDEF, +2 DEF Magic-Proof Shield
Kapha Card +8 MDEF Magically Shielded Garment
Megalith Card +7 MDEF of Mystical Resistance Footgear

Race Drain SP Cards

The following weapon cards gives you 5 SP when the monster of the specified race dies with a physical attack. The cards also drain 5 SP from you if the weapon is unequipped.

Race Card Prefix or Suffix
Demi Human Phendark Card Soul Gain
Brute Nereid Card of Beast Soul Eater
Insect Gig Card of Insect Soul Eater
Formless Tri Joint Card Power Draining
Demon Diabolic Card of Demon Soul Eater
Undead Zombie Master Card of Undead Soul Eater
Fish Beetle King Card of Marine Soul Eater
Plant Caterpillar Card of Plant Soul Eater
Dragon Driller Card of Dragon Soul Eater
Angel False Angel Card of Angel Soul Eater
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