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The following table lists which areas or dungeons require a quest to access them, along with selected quest requirements and at which step permanent access to said area is granted.

Dungeon (Level)
/ Game Area
Quest Base Level Requirement Party Requirement[1] Access Gained[2] Access Item(s)
Amatsu Dungeon Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest None No Upon Completion Feudal Lord Permit
Ayothaya Field 2
& Ayothaya Dungeon
Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest None No Field & Dungeon Level 1 - Step 3
Dungeon Level 2 - Step 8
Holy Threads
& Holier Threads
Geffenia[3] Sign Quest 50 Recommended Upon Completion Lucifer's Lament
Kiel Hyre Dungeon Kiel Hyre Quest 70 Recommended Upon Completion Keycard
Lighthalzen Dungeon (Biolabs) Biolabs Entrance Quest 60 (lhz_dun01,lhz_dun02)
95 Non-Trans or
90 Transcendent (lhz_dun03)
No Upon Completion None
Morroc Fields 21 & 22 (Dimensional Gorge) Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc) 80 2 People Field 21 - Step 6
Field 22 Upon Completion
Moscovia Dungeon Finding The Moving Island Quest None No Upon Completion None
Nameless Island
& Cursed Monastery
Nameless Island Entrance Quest 80 No Step 14 None
New World (Midgard Camp)
Onward to the New World Quest 70 No Upon Completion None
New World (Splendide & Manuk Fields) New Surroundings
& Attitude to the New World
70 No Upon Completion None
Nidhoggur Instance Guardian of Yggdrasil
& Two Tribes (Step 7)
70 No Step 9 None
Prontera Culverts Prontera Culverts Entrance Quest None No Upon Completion None
Rachel Sanctuary Rachel Sanctuary Quest 60 No Upon Completion None
Turtle Island Turtle Island Entrance Quest None No Upon Completion None
Yggdrassil Dungeon (Nidhoggur's Nest) Two Tribes 70 No Step 7 None


  1. Includes the Player
  2. The step after which the dungeon can be freely entered and left
  3. As long as the portal is open, all players regardless of having completed the quest or holding the item can enter.
  • Although some quests may reward an item to the player, any other characters still require the quest for access; simply holding the item is insufficient.
  • If a character transcends, it is unnecessary to repeat any access quests. However, level requirements still apply.