Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc)

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Note: On iRO Classic to access Dimensional Gorge and fight Satan Morocc, the character must complete the Dandelion's_Request quest, not Continental Guard.

Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc)
Base Level: 80
Party: 2 People
Item(s) (Consumed): 30 Live Coal and 50 Glacial Heart
Base Experience: 2,000,000
Item(s): Seal of Continental Guard -OR- Death Loop -OR- Rune Spellstone
Quest Reward(s): Access to fight Injured Satan Morroc

1. Approach any Continental Messenger and he will ask for your help. He can be found at any of the following locations:

2. In Morroc, Talk to the Continental Official (176, 103), and tell him that you want to volunteer.

3. Talk to Chief Balrog in Morroc (159, 113) and tell him that you want to join the Continental Guard. He'll ask you to bring him 50 Glacial Heart and 30 Live Coal.

4. Once you bring him the items, he'll give you a Continental Guard Paper.

5. Exit Morroc to the East. Talk to the Continental Guard there (moc_fild20 38, 174), and tell him that you have to enter the field to investigate. Being in a party of at least two people is required to enter the field.

6. Look for the Group of Evil in the Dimensional Gorge (moc_fild21 171, 227).

7. Once you defeat Satan Morroc, the Group of Evil will change. Each party member must click on it to receive Piece of Morocc Skin. Any player who was on the map can receive the skin regardless of whether or not they were in the party that killed Satan Morroc.

  • Satan Morroc will announce his defeat with "I'll let live just a little longer. You'll never find me through this time-space gap!"

8. The Piece of Morocc Skin can be given to Chief Balrog, in exchange for one of the following accessories of choice:

Satan Morroc

The best strategy is to have one or two tanks for Satan Morroc, with Biochemists and others attcking him. Avoiding the mob is crucial to success, as by hitting them, their AI is activated, and they will then run loose and use their skills, which can easily wipe a party.

Satan Morroc functions by using combos. At specific times he will make an announcement, which is the start of a skill combo. He always speaks when casting the first skill of the combo, and the combos are all the same order of skills cast. These combos are as follows:

80% HP - Magic Combo

Recharge Time: 20 seconds
Announcement: "Impressive! I wonder how far your recklessness will take you."
Skills: Stone Curse 10, Firebolt 10, Frost Diver 10, Jupitel Thunder 10

60% HP - Hell Combo

Recharge Time: 35 seconds
Announcement: "I almost pity how outmatched you are against me."
Skills: Area Sleep 5, Hell's Power 1, Hell's Judgement 5

50% HP - Vampire Combo

Recharge Time: 50 seconds
Announcement: "It's time to finish the game!"
Skills: Vampire's Gift 9, Area Soul Drain 10, Evil Land 10

40% HP - Mixed Combo

Recharge Time: 1 Minute
Announcement: "This is how you attack? Watch and learn, weaklings!"
Skills: Pulse Strike 5, Area Stone Curse 5, Meteor Storm 5

30% HP - Earthquake Combo

Recharge Time: 3 Minutes
Announcement: "You worthless humans. Your so-called holy powers have no effect on me!"
Skills: Area Hell's Power 1, Area Stun 5, Earthquake 10

10% HP

Announcement: "Oh, you're stronger than I thought!"
Skills: None

5% HP

Announcement: "No, this can't be happening! I'm Satan Morroc, Demon King of Destruction!"
Skills: Dragon Fear 10