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Experience can refer to either Base Experience or Job Experience. Both types are required in order for a character to reach his or her full potential. Experience can be gained by killing monsters, completing quests, through exchanging medals earned in activies such as playing bingo or betting on monster races in Hugel, or by exchanging points for it in the Izlude Arena/Al de Baran Turbo Track.


The experience system in Ragnarok Online is very simple (as long as special modifiers are not counted). Stronger monsters are worth much more EXP than weak monsters.

The character level or monster level does not affect EXP gained. For example, killing a Poporing will always worth 81 base EXP whether it is killed by a level 15 character or a level 98 character.

Base Experience in actual numbers can be viewed in the Character Select screen.

Party Sharing

  • Even Share: The EXP reward of a monster is split evenly across all party members regardless of their level.
    • (EXP to be Shared / Number of Party Members) + 1 EXP
    • EXP to be Shared increases by 25% for each additional player who has dealt damage to this monster OR has received damage from this monster's non-skill attacks (regardless of that player is a party member or not)

Quest Experience Reward

  • Many quests offer EXP rewards for doing them. See Quest Table for a list of quests that give EXP rewards.
  • Note that you cannot gain more than one level from a single bucket of reward EXP, if the EXP rewards exceeds the EXP required to level up by a huge amount.
    • Formula : Max gain = (EXP requirement for current level)*2 - (Current EXP gathered in current level) - 1
    • Gathering the EXP when a player current EXP % is close to zero will maximize the gain from a single amount.
    • A level 60 non-transcendent character needs 365,914 base EXP to level up. If that character has 100,000 EXP and completes the Lost Child Quest (900,000) EXP, the character will be level 61 with 365,913 XP toward next level. In this case actual EXP gained is 631,827, wasting 268,173 EXP.


Modifier Stacking

  • Aligned Monster Formula (TaeKwon Masters): ((Original Exp*Exp Event Modifier)*Exp Tap Modifier*(Weapon Modifier+Card Modifier+Manual Modifier)*(Blessing Modifier+Mental Sensing))
  • Non-Aligned Monster Formula (Everyone Else): ((Original Exp*Exp Event Modifier)*Exp Tap Modifier*(Weapon Modifier+Card Modifier+Manual Modifier)*Mental Sensing)

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