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New and improved Rogue Leveling page

The information from the previous incarnation of this article (which is most relevant to Intimidate Rogues and Stalkers), is still below, under the "List of Safe Maps" heading.

Thief Leveling

First of all, EXP items can be used to level your Thief to job 40 or 50 with relatively little effort. If you feel like doing it the old-fashioned way, however, read on.

  • If you're out of potions, stick to Drops in the desert and Pupas in the forest.
  • You could also pay a visit to Poring Island for some quick and easy kills, but watch out for Angeling, Deviling, and Ghostring. Marins can also be difficult for widdle Thieves.
  • Base levels 10-20: Payon Cave 1. Don't get mobbed by Zombies!

Side note: If you're getting close to job level 40 and you need some quick Job EXP, hop into Toy Factory 2 and try your hand at some Myst Cases.

Rogue Leveling

  • Base levels 45-60: Get your first 10-15 job levels anywhere quick and fun. Spores are great for speedy low-level job leveling, but you could also stick to whatever maps you were leveling on before your job change if you're more interested in base EXP and/or drops.
  • You're probably high-level enough to take on some Wild Roses (here), and pay a visit to Orc Dungeon 2. Elemental Earth (for the Wild Roses) or Fire (for the Orcs) weapons will make your life much easier here.
  • Toy Factory 2 is also good at this point in your leveling career, specifically Myst Cases and Cruisers.
  • Base levels 60-70: This is where a Gank Rogue starts making you huge money. Start with Dokebis for their Horns.
  • Now's also a good time to try out Hill Winds here, one map east, two maps north, and one map east of Rachel.
  • Base levels 70-85: Goats

Skill(s): Bowling Bash, Raging Trifecta Blow, DS.

Weapons: Icepick + Water Endow. Or a +10 Boned/Clamorous/Flammable Comp Bow

Arrows: Crystal (for goats), Stone (for Harpies)

Great place to level when you hit 70. Monster kill exp turn in, Exp item turn in and stealing from the goats before you kill them will net you a large amount of Horns.

  • Base levels 60-75: Anyone with an elemental weapon or Hallowed weapon (a weapon with a Santa Poring card) can tackle levels 2 and 3 of the Geffen Dungeon.
  • If you don't have an Elemental weapon, or ghosts scare you, go underground to Clock Tower B4 and play with the Bathories. All of their drops sell for good money both to NPCs and players. Just make sure you avoid all the other monsters, because they'll kill you quick.
  • Base levels 75-85: Drillers and Demon Pungus come in handy here both for their EXP and their Frills and Bacillus. You can also go 2 maps south of Juno and start taking out Goats for their Antelope Horns. An Ice Pick will be extremely useful on all three of those types of monsters.
  • Also consider paying a visit to the Rachel Sanctuary. Don't trifle with the aggro Hodremlins, and try not to get mobbed by Vanberks and Isillas. The EXP and drops here are good, but lower levels might want to bring a party, or at least a Priest.
  • Base levels 85-95: Once you hit the low 90s, start looking into Niflheim Field, especially if you have a 2x or 3x Hallowed weapon. This is one of the few speedy ways to level a high 80s/low 90s thief class character that doesn't require an Ice Pick, although having one along for the occasional Dullahan can be useful. Now that the 60-98 NPC has been implemented it's a bit faster, and the best EXP in the area is from the Loli Ruri turn-ins.

List of safe maps

Ayothaya Dungeon 2

  • avoid Lady Tanee

Comodo Cave West

  • avoid Merman (3 spawn)

Comodo Cave North

  • no copyable skills

Clock Tower 1

Clock Tower 2

Clock Tower 3

  • avoid Fire Pillars

Clock Tower B3F

  • no copyable skills

Clock Tower B4F

  • avoid Ogretooth and aggressive Jokers

Comodo Field 02

  • avoid Mobster
  • do not engage Galapagos

Comodo Field 03

  • Anolians use Bash Lvl. 5
  • avoid Mutant Dragonoid

Einbroch Field 01

  • no copyable skills

Einbroch Field 02

  • no copyable skills

Einbroch Field 03

Einbroch Field 04

Einbroch Field 06

  • no copyable skills

Einbroch Field 07

Geffen Dungeon 01

  • no copyable skills

Geffen Dungeon 02

  • avoid Dracula and Ogretooth

Geffen Dungeon 03

  • avoid Marionettes [1]

Geffen Field 06

  • no copyable skills


  • avoid Abysmal Knight, Bloody Knight, and Ogretooth

Hugel Field 03

  • avoid Novus

Hugel Field 05

  • avoid Novus and Mutant Dragonoid

Ice Dungeon 01

  • avoid Gazetti and Muscipular

Inside Glastheim

  • engage Alice (Smite) with caution
  • snatch Marionettes out of the desired room

Juno Field 06

  • recommended that player knows quest skill, Sand Attack
  • no other copyable skills

Juno Field 07

  • no copyable skills

Juno Field 11

Juno Field 12

  • no copyable skills

Juperos Ruins 01

  • no copyable skills

Juperos Ruins 02

  • avoid Apocalypse

Labyrinth Forest 3

  • avoid Ghostring, Baphomet, and Sidewinder

Louyang Field

  • be aware of unnatural spawns

Mjolnir Field 02

  • no copyable skills

Mjolnir Field 03

  • no copyable skills

Mjolnir Field 05

  • no copyable skills

Mjolnir Field 10

  • no copyable skills

Niflheim Field 01

Orc Dungeon 02

  • avoid Orc Archer

Payon Field 05

  • no copyable skills

Payon Field 11

  • avoid Eddga and Greatest General

Pyramid 4

  • avoid Matyr and Osiris

Pyramid B4F

  • avoid Amon Ra

Rachel Field 05, 06

Sograt Field 15

Turtle Island Surface

Turtle Island 2

  • recommended that player knows quest skill, Sand Attack
  • avoid Freezers [2]

Umbala Field 01

  • engage Wootan Fighters (Magnum Break) using long-range attacks

Comodo Field 01

  • no copyable skills

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  1. It may be possible to reduce Firewall's damage to 0.
  2. It may be possible to reduce Cold Bolt and Frost Driver damage to 0.