Ice Pick

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Ice Pick

The Ice Pick is a weapon often found useful for Melee characters. It's appeal is that it inflicts higher damage on targets that have high levels of VIT DEF and DEF (Increasing VIT DEF, as with Angelus will increase the damage from an Ice Pick). The more DEF and VIT DEF the target has, the more damage the ice pick will do. Previous to the Ice Pick's implementation to the game, the only way to damage targets with high DEF was to use Critical attacks (Crit), VVVS Forged Weapons, or the Monk skill, Occult Impaction.

The formula for damage is as follows: [ATK * ( (Soft DEF + Hard DEF) /100)]

where [ ] denotes flooring

Obtaining the Ice Pick

The Ice Pick is obtained by completion of the God Items Quest by an Assassin or Assassin Cross type character of Base Level 70 or higher. Ice Picks can also be obtained from the following MVPs. The numbers in parenthesis notate the rate at which an Ice Pick will drop from the MVP.