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MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, a definition not exclusive to Ragnarok Online. This is a Monster with Boss Protocol and MVP Protocol. MVP's are much stronger than any other normal monsters and appear on an array of maps throughout Ragnarok. MVP's only spawn at certain times, anywhere from once per hour to once every 8 hours since the last MVP of that kind was killed. While MVP's can be defeated by a single person (depending on the Classes of the players), they are most often taken down by a party of 2 or more players. Because of the difficulty with which MVP's are defeated, they give a high amount of experience and MVP rewards given directly to the player's inventory to the player who has the most damage interaction with it. They are also Free for All (i.e. ANYONE can attack them, no matter who found it first or summoned it).

MVP monsters will also summon slaves or mobs to increase the difficulty with which they are defeated. The mob will often times consist of 3-9 monsters, sometimes all of them the same, sometimes different, depending on the MVP.

Normal MVP Monsters

Normal MVPs spawn a set amount of time after the previous one was defeated. For example, if Amon Ra is defeated at 11:00, it will spawn again at 12:00. If an MVP spawns in multiple places, the two times are independent of one-another and the respawn period may be different. Below is a list of all normal MVPs, where they are located, and the time that needs to elapse before it will respawn.

Low Difficulty

Medium Difficulty

Mid-High Difficulty

High Difficulty

Somatology Laboratory 3 MVP Monsters

One of the following MVPs (chosen randomly) will spawn between 95 to 150 minutes after the previous MVP is defeated in Somatology Laboratory 3. These are all classified to be of High Difficulty.

Special Spawn Conditions MVP Monsters

The following MVPs have special spawn conditions that do not follow either the timed spawn model or the

Related Items


  • Abysmal Knight (Weapon) +25% Damage to Boss Monsters (inc. MVPs)
  • Alice (Shield) 40% Less Damage from Boss Monsters, 40% More from Others


  • Convex Mirror (iRO Valkyrie) Shows location (if out) and gives spawn time for an MVP when used on the map it spawns on
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