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Weapon Basics

For melee builds, a Gladius or a triple carded Saber is the main weapon of choice for stalkers with decent STR, preferably upgraded to +7 or higher. The basic card choice is 2x race cards/1xSize, or 2x race/1x element where available. For the higher levels of strength a stalker can achieve, a high-upgraded Main Gauche can be used. However a weapon like this is not all that practical for basic leveling, as the Stealth bonus will only last a few minutes, even with Rogue Spirit. One looking to save money on cards, or are otherwise unable to afford a specialized weapon, a triple boned weapon can work, as most monsters are medium in size.

Bow users deal more damage with more DEX, as opposed to STR. If you plan on getting 99 DEX, the weapon will change once you get to be in the high 80s or low 90s. A Double Boned Gakkung and a Boned Hybrid Gakkung will serve as broadly used weapons. Note: When using a Composite Bow, a +9 or +10 is necessary to compensate for the Bow's ATK versus that of a Gakkung or Cross Bow.

High INT Stalkers do not benefit greatly from weapons. Therefore, only the race-specific Buckler, and a few weapons are needed. Since INT Stalkers will most likely have DEX, a bow can be employed during the transition from High Thief to Preserve. After attaining Preserve, High Thief to Preserve, weapons that provide Stats can be employed, i.e. a Quadruple Dexterous knife, a Bazerald, or a Quadruple Vital knife.

Skill Basics

Intimidate adds a level of versatility to the Rogue/Stalker classes that is unique. These classes have the ability to learn any of numerous skills belonging to other classes (and in rare cases even learn more powerful versions).

Some skills require items in order to perform/cast. Skills like Claymore Trap, Blast Mine, Aspersio, and Exploding Dragon all require their respective items that the original class needed to cast the skill (i.e. one holy water per usage of Aspersio).

Some skills require Undead armor to copy a skill. Magnus Exorcismus, Sanctuary (although currently Sanctuary gives you Heal, not Sanctuary), Heal, Aspersio, and Turn Undead will require Undead Armor as they cannot deal damage to non-Undead elements and thus cannot be copied.

In many cases, players will want the highest level of a skill possibly attainable. The Monk's Raging Trifecta Blow must be attained at the level of 10 -- Raging Trifecta Blow level 5 could very well do less damage than Double-Attacks. For Aspersio, level 5 will save time and Holy Water. Regarding skills such asMagnus Exorcismus and Turn Undead, the player may not have sufficient corresponding Stats, and so to make them most effective, a higher skill level is needed to increase damage. For example, Turn Undead uses INT, LUK, base level, and skill level to calculate the success of the skill, so level 1 Turn Undead would not even be worth copying.

Being Bow does not limit the user from certain skills. Most skills are usable on all weapons. Skills such as Bash, Bowling Bash, Raging Trifecta Blow, Occult Impaction, and Throw Spirit Sphere are all usable with any kind of weapon, including Bows. Some skills might even be more effective with a bow, such as Throw Spirit Sphere. If one skill isn't available, use another: specifically, Bowling Bash is not the only way to level.

Lastly, take advantage of monster's skills. Sometimes, a skill might be rare or otherwise unattainable by players, Such as Water Ball level 10. Water Ball level 10 can be copied from Drake, whereas wizards would only have level 5 at most. Some Trap skills can be copied the same way from Biolabs Level 3 monsters; all the traps used by these characters (likewise with several of their skills) are ridiculously high levels, so levels not normally attainable from players can be copied -- however Intimidate only goes to level 10, and thus the maximum skill level that can be copied is 10.

Leveling Spots

Goats (Levels 70-85)

Skill(s): Bowling Bash, Raging Trifecta Blow, DS.

Weapons: Icepick + Water Endow. Or a +10 Boned/Clamorous/Flammable Comp Bow

Arrows: Crystal (for goats), Stone (for Harpies)

Great place to level when you hit 70. Monster kill exp turn in, Exp item turn in and stealing from the goats before you kill them will net you a large amount of Horns.

Magma Dungeon level 1

Skill(s): Bowling bash

Weapons: Icepick + Water endow, Double flammable Gakkung, +10 Quadruple Flammable Composite Bow (90+ base DEX). Use crystal arrows; every monster on this map is Fire property.

Arrows: Crystal

A good place for party leveling. With an endow and Ice pick it is possible to one shot most mobs.

Magma Dungeon Level 2

Skill(s): Claymore trap, Bowling Bash.

Weapons: Triple Hallowed Gladius, Triple Flammable Gladius. Double Flammable Gakkung, Triple Flammable Xbow, Quadruple Flammable Composite Bow (90+ base DEX), Double Decussate Double Titan Composite Bow.

Arrows: Holy, Crystal.

Extras: Blast Clip/Nile Rose

Another partying area, any peco class or High Priest can mob here. Be careful; Dagger stalkers will have to switch weapons for the Nightmare Terrors here. Bow users can hotkey crystal arrows and holy arrows.

Claymore Trap: Although a complicated method, using Claymore Trap in Magma Dungeon 2 can be very effective with the right setup. Once a good-sized mob is made, lay down a Claymore Trap, and push it into the mob using Magnum Break. NOTE: This skill should only be used in parties where the Stalker is not the only killer in the party. This skill is mostly for getting rid of the dragons; the other monsters won't take as much damage from the traps and will need to be taken care of by another killer, such as a wizard or the mobber, if it is a Peco-Peco class.

Clock Tower (High Orcs)

Skill(s): Bowling bash, Storm Gust

Weapons: Triple Smashing Gladius + Ice endow, Double Smashing Gakkung, Double Bloody Gakkung.

Arrows: Rusty Arrows, Poison Arrows, Fire Arrows, Water Arrows, Oridecon Arrows. Poison Arrows are only 1 ATK whereas Rusty Arrows are 30 ATK, so Rusty Arrows are preferred. If Arrow-Switching is annoying, just bring along Oridecon arrows instead.

Another good place to level in a party. Can be fast exp with an endow. Be wary of the Arclouz (bugs), they tend to slow you down.

Ayothoya Dungeon 2

Skills: Bowling bash (with Aspersio, if available). If not, copy Aspersio.

Weapons: Double Hallowed Titan Gladius, Double Titan Gakkung , Double Hallowed Titan Xbow, Triple Hallowed Xbow, Double Decussate Double Hallowed Composite Bow, Double Decussate Double Titan Composite Bow, Double Hallowed Double Titan Composite Bow.

Items: Holy Water

Arrows: Holy, Immaterial.

There is a small quest to get in. Although virtually no job experience, this is great base xp. You can solo with Aspersio, But with a Priest you can use Bowling Bash instead. Although the Whispers are barely worth switching arrows for, dagger users can use Sand-attack to get rid of them if they get caught without aspersio or run out of water. The Kraben, on the other hand, are annoying and are worth switching to Immaterial Arrows for.

Clock Tower Underground (Bathories)

Skills: Bowling bash, Heal, Aspersio

Weapons: Double bloody boned Gladius, Triple Bloody Gladius, Double Bloody Gakkung, Double Boned Gakkung, Triple Malicious Crossbow, Quadruple Malicious Composite Bow, Triple Malicious Gladius.

Extras/Items: Holy Water, Evil Armor.

Good place for solo leveling early on. Bring an elemental dagger for whispers, or just use Sand-Attack. For long rounds of leveling, a Malicious will make leveling a lot easier for everyone, especially VIT Stalkers, regardless of weapon class. Bringing an Evil Armor will negate most annoying attacks (such as the HP-draining attack Bathories use). Also, wearing Evil Armor will cause the Joker's Jupitel Thunder to miss you; because the Shadow property the Joker is (if at that point it is Shadow; they can change their property) carries over into the Jupitel Thunder.

Arrows: Holy, Earth. The Jokers can switch element, and with these two arrows you will be sure to be able to hit them with one of the two. Everything else on the map is either neutral or weak against Holy.


Skills: Bowling bash, Raging Trifecta Blow, Bash.

Weapons: Ice Pick + Fire Endow, Double Boned Gakkung, Double Beholder Gakkung. Good place for soloing later on. Bring a Peno buckler, they hit hard.

Arrows: Fire

Dark Frames

Skills: Bowling bash (With Priest or a Bow), Aspersio (Solo), Holy Cross, Double Strafe, Bash.

Items: Holy Water

Arrows: Holy

Weapon(s): Double-Hallowed Boned Gladius, Double Hallowed Gakkung, Double Boned Gakkung, Double Decussate Gakkung (Best), Double Hallowed Double Boned Composite Bow, Double Hallowed Double Decussate Composite Bow. If you're a dagger user, make sure to bring something to either Snatch the Marionettes away, or be able to kill them, if you get stuck without Aspersio. Sand Attack would work, but it would slow things down considerably.

This place is probably the best job experience a Stalker can expect for Soloing. The base is worth it, but it pales in comparison to places like Thanatos Tower, Turtle Island (1 or 2), and Ayothoya Dungeon 2. For Soloing, this is the best balance of both Base and Job experience.

Turtle Island Level 1

Skills: Raging Trifecta Blow, Bowling Bash, Bash, Heal.

Weapons: A Malicious weapon, Boned weapons, Clamorous weapons, Insectide weapons.

Arrows: Fire, Earth.

Be careful with Preserve, as the Spring Rabbits will Bash or Stone Throw quickly and accurately (the skills of course will also have no cast time). If you lose your skill and can't see which one you copied, log out. You probably got a skill you already have, which in this case could be Sand Attack (permeters), or Stone Throw (Spring Rabbits). In these cases, you can regain the skill you lost, since the game knows you already had that skill to begin with. These also serve as incentives to go get your quest skills, if you're a rogue reading this. You can't copy a skill you already have.

Turtle Island Level 2

Skills: Occult Impaction, Bash, Bowling Bash, Raging Trifecta Blow, Exploding Dragon, Heal.

Weapons: ***Ice Pick*** (Required), Clamorous weapon, Malicious weapon, Boned weapon.

Arrows: Wind, Fire.

Extras/Items: Mana Sphere (Greatest General) Clips/Nile Roses.

While it may seem impractical, normal-hitting the turtles with an Ice-Pick until you get a Spirit Sphere is both fun and a good idea. If for some reason you can't get Bowling Bash, Bash, or Raging Trifecta Blow (level 10 preferred), try Occult Impaction. Once you get a Spirit Sphere, you can effectively kill a turtle by BackStabbing it once and then using your sphere. Be sure to switch to a Boned or Clamorous weapon before Occulting a turtle. This method will save time by killing a turtle nearly instantly - Backstab with the Ice Pick, Occult with the other weapon. Both VIT and AGI Dagger Stalkers can level here. Exploding Dragon will of course be ineffective against Freezers.

Turtle Island Level 3

Skills: Bowling Bash, Exploding Dragon, Flaming Petals, Heaven's Drive.

Weapons: Clamorous, Bloody, Boned weapons, respective cast-aiding daggers.

Arrows: Oridecon (no Arrow-switching required), Crystal, Earth, Wind.

Try mobbing this map and using any of the skills mentioned above (even Exploding Dragon). Casting Stalkers beware, Assaulters are easily the most dangerous Turtle on this map and will require a different buckler than the other monsters. It is recommended to either bring both a Brutal and Cranial or just a Cranial.

Pyamids 4 (Ancient Mummies)

Skills: Turn Undead, Magnus Exorcisumus, Grand Cross, Holy Cross

Weapons: Double Boned Gakkung, Triple Boned Gladius.

Vital, Lucky, and Dexterous Daggers will help (as well as a buckler) for those High Int Stalkers, or Dagger Stalkers who want to try this place as well.

Arrows: Holy

Be careful of the Arclouz here, Grand Cross is a good choice because it damages everything and not just the Ancient Mummies. Ancient Mummies have a lot of HP, so Bowling Bash might not be fast enough for Vit Stalkers, as their ASPD is considerably lower than AGI based Stalkers.

Niffelheim Map 2

Skills: Holy Cross, Grand Cross, Bowling Bash, Double Strafe, Turn Undead, Magnus Exorcismus.

Weapons: Ice Pick, Titan Weapons, Hallowed Weapons, Malicious Weapons (with Aspersio), Decussate Weapons.

Arrows: Fire, Holy.

High Int Stalkers have a lot of fun here due to the many choices of skills to use. Have a High Priest or Peco-Peco class (Find a Resistant Souls Crusader if you're extremely lucky) mob for you; but be careful - these skills can get you killed, as Stalkers don't have Faith to soften up the self-inflicted damage from Grand Cross, nor do they have as much HP as a Crusader.

Abyss Lake

Skills: Double Strafe, Bowling Bash, Waterball (Level 10 can be aqquired from Drake)

Weapons: Double Dragoon Gakkung, Double Titan Gladius, Double Dragoon Double Titan Comp Bow. Ice Picks work well here; a Triple Dragoon Gladius or Quadruple Dragoon Main Gauche (High STR) also works.

Arrows: Fire, Water, Holy (Penomena), Shadow (Acidus), Wind. Cursed Water and Oridecon Arrows are highly recommended.

Glast Heim Sewers (Stings)

Skills: Double Strafe, Exploding Dragon, Waterball (Level 10 can be acquired from Drake)

Weapons: Double Boned Gakkung, Double Beholder Gakkung, Double Beholder Double Underneath Composite Bow.

Arrows: Fire, Earth.

Items: Fire Orbs

This place can be very dangerous, and dagger stalkers normally don't bother with Stings; both because they can't flee them until they're in the high 90s, and because they can get better experience elsewhere. For soloing, high INT Stalkers and Bow Stalkers can get great job experience here. The higher level the Stalker, the faster Stings can be. For lower levels, Exploding Dragon may not be fast enough, or powerful enough to be effective. For Double Strafe users, Stings may have to be shot as many as 4 times to die, so they may appear slow at first. Also, be aware that the Gargoyles can see hidden characters, and are usually just annoying. Don't be ashamed to teleport from them instead of killing as they are hardly worth the effort of killing them in regards to experience rewards. Their Arrow Repel is extremely annoying, as it can repel players into bad situations.

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