New Surroundings

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New Surroundings
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Ordinary Branch, 20 Strong Vine
Quest Prerequisite(s): Onward to the New World Quest
Base Experience: 1,000,000
Job Experience: 100,000
Item(s): 20 Chocolate Pie, 1 Old Purple Box
  1. Talk to Marian (mid_camp 222, 283), who tells you to talk to Instructor Lugen, and gives you a Chocolate Pie.
    • Marian.jpg
  2. Talk to Instructor Lugen (261, 284), who says you need to register with the Receptionist at the big building in the center of the camp.
    • Lugen.jpg
  3. Enter the building (215, 247), and talk to Receptionist Brink. He registers you, gives you another Chocolate Pie, and sends you back to Lugen.
    • Building.jpg
  4. Lugen gives you another Chocolate Pie, and tells you to go to the Barracks to rest for the night.
  5. At the Barracks (mid_camp 264, 260), speak to Diego (mid_camp 264, 263) and offer to help him.
    • Barracks.jpg
  6. He asks you to bring him 20 Ordinary Branch and 20 Strong Vine.
  7. On the map to the west (spl_fild02), click on one of the trees at (232, 143), (306, 152), or (379,197) until you have 20 Ordinary Branch
    Ordinary Branch locations
  8. Return to Diego with the parts, he asks you to fix the posts with them.
  9. Speak to one of the Posts near Diego and select Attach the Tree Bar then Tie it with vines. Repeat this til the post has been fixed and then select the option Knot it.
  10. Do the same to the other post, once it is repaired, talk to Diego again.
  11. You will then be warped inside to your bed. Speak to Lucas.
  12. Return to Instructor Lugen (mid_camp 261, 284) who asks you to distribute some supplies. He directs you to Marian.
  13. Speak to Marien and receive 3 Supply Box and 1 Chocolate Pie.
  14. Instructor Lugen tells you to deliver the 1st box to Jan, northwest of the camp.
  15. Deliver the supplies to Jan (mid_camp 162, 298)
  16. Return to Instructor Lugen. Your next delivery is to Gerard across the west bridge.
  17. Delivery the supplies to Gerard (mid_camp 30, 168) and return to Instructor Lugen.
  18. The last delivery is to Alberto (man_fild01 80, 248) at the entrance to the east field. He asks for your help to open the box.
  19. Instructor Lugen thanks you for your help.
  20. Continue talking to Lugen until he asks you to deliver a letter for him.
  21. Deliver his letter to Otto (mid_camp 123, 290). Otto has a letter for you to send back to Lugen.
  22. Deliver Otto's Letter to Lugen.