Finding The Moving Island Quest

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Finding The Moving Island Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Rusty Screws, 10 Jubilees, 10 Strange Steel Pieces, 5 Flexible Tubes, 30 Logs, 20 Tough Vines, 20 Antelope Horns, 10 Sea-otter Furs
Base Experience: 1,200,000 or 700,000 or 500,000
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box or 1 Old Blue Box
Quest Reward(s): Access to Moscovia Dungeon

1. Talk to Berbayeff (moscovia 171, 71), who tells you a story about his discovery of the Moving Island.

2. Talk to Mr. Ibanoff (moscovia 135, 49) and listen to his stories. Then, choose the option "Lend me your ship". He will ask for some items to fix up his ship.

3. Gather the items for Mr. Ibanoff to complete maintenance of the ship.

  • Note: The island can only be accessed during the following times:
  • 12 AM - 3 AM PST
  • 6 AM - 9 AM PST
  • 12 PM - 3 PM PST
  • 6 PM - 9 PM PST

4. Control the steering wheel of the ship depending on Mr. Ibanoff commands. To get the next command talk to Ibanoff repeatedly. Once he gives a command click on the rudder and choose the direction Ibanoff last gave.

Monsters might appear and you will have to kill them all to keep the ship running.

  • Monsters that might spawn include
  • The ship cannot be controlled while monsters are present.
  • Monsters will disappear on their own after 5 minutes, but this part of the quest cannot be cleared if the player doesn't kill them manually.
  • There is no death penalty if you die on the ship.
  • Monsters do not give Experience or drop items.

5. After you've reached the island, talk to the Aged Stranger (mosk_fild01 86, 104). After talking to him three times, he will send you back to Moscovia.

6. Talk to Mr. Ibanoff. He will ask you to report to the palace.

7. Talk to Prime Minister Dmitree (mosk_in 128, 89) in the palace (moscovia 255, 140).

8. Talk to Csar Aleksay (mosk_in 131, 90)

9. Talk to Mr. Ibanoff again to sail to the Moving Island. You will need to defeat monsters on the ship once more. After the monsters are dead, speak with him again.

10. Look for the Aged Stranger, and ask him if you can borrow his instrument. He will offer to make you a Gusli for the following materials:

11. After all the materials are gathered, talk to Mr. Ibanoff and he will send you to the Whale Island directly.

12. Talk to the Aged Stranger, and he will make you a Gusli.

13. Speak with the Aged Stranger again to choose whether or not to learn how to play the Gusli from him. It is recommended that you do learn to play from him. You will need to speak with him several (random) times until he tells you that you've become a master at the instrument.

14. Return to the palace and talk to Csar Aleksay. You have 3 options to choose from:

  • Play the Gusli after having learned it - Receive 1,200,000 Base EXP and 1 Old Purple Box
  • Don't play the Gusli - Receive 700,000 Base EXP and 1 Old Blue Box
  • Play the Gusli without having learned it - Receive 500,000 Base EXP and 1 Old Blue Box (If you pick this path, you will offend the Czar with your bad playing and your reward will be diminished)

15. You can now go to Whale Island any time by talking to Mr. Ibanoff with the Gusli equipped in the accessory slot. Talk with the Aged Stranger on the island to be sent to the Moscovia Forest Dungeon.

  • Note: In order to get Mr. Ibanoff to take you to the island again during an available time period once you've completed the quest, you must walk to the end of the dock next to him! A dialogue box will pop up, asking if you wish to go to the island.