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These quests are for making headgear specified on the Headgear Ingredients Page.

Orc Hero Helm Quest

Item Requirements: See Helm of Orc Hero on the Headgear Ingredients Page.

  1. Talk to an unmoving Orc Warrior inside a house at (gef_fild10 137,286), he's at (in_orcs01 31,93). He will ask for 10,000 Jellopies.
  2. After bringing those, get him 100 Orcish Vouchers, but do NOT bring the Axe with you. Then he will tell you to get 10,000 Orcish Vouchers.
  3. When you give him that, he will give you an Orc Helm and an Orcish Voucher. Put them in storage for now.
  4. Talk to him again, then he'll tell you to get 100 Orc Emblems. Take that and your Orc Helm with you.
  5. Talk to the Orc Hero NPC to the south (gef_fild10 214,53), he's at (in_orcs01 162,33), and he will exchange the Orc Helm for an Orc Hero Helm.

Zealotus Mask Quest

Item Requirements: See Zealotus Mask on the Headgear Ingredients Page.

  1. Talk to the Zealotus NPC on level two of the Glast Heim Prison Dungeon (gl_prison01 137,138).
  2. Talk to the Phendark NPC, also on level two of the Prison (gl_prison01 97,104). You'll need a Whip class weapon with you.
  3. Talk to the Rybio NPC, also on level two (gl_prison01 100,48).
  4. Talk to the Phendark once more, giving him the Dark Crystal Fragments.
  5. Talk to the Rybio once more.
  6. Talk to the Phendark, answering:
    1. Zealotus
    2. Hates
    3. Phendark
    4. Keep insulting him
  7. Talk to Zealotus again, giving the rest of the items to her, and she reward you with the mask.

Slotted Sunglasses Quest

Item Requirements: See Slotted Sunglasses on the Headgear Ingredients Page.

This quest ran on iRO from July 31 to August 8th, 2003.
  1. Talk to the Sunglasses Trader NPC in Alberta (88, 193)
  2. She will ask for a 1carat Diamond, 50 Feathers, and 100,000 Zeny.
  3. After delivering the items, she will tell you to go and see Maseph, "Somewhere east of Morroc"
  4. Talk to Maseph NPC, 2 maps east of Morroc, on the tallest plateau (moc_fild09 209, 128)
  5. Maseph will ask you for 1 pair of Sunglasses and 400,000 Zeny and you will receive your Sunglasses .

Catfoot Hairpin Quest

gef_fild05 (79, 149)
  1. Speak to Myu on the wild rose map (gef_fild05 79, 149). She requests your help thwarting the Kobold invasion of the Wild Rose's territory.
  2. Kill 1000 Kobold Archers, but do not kill any Wild Roses.
  3. Return to her and she will give you a Catfoot Hairpin. Quest is repeatable.

Frog Hat Quest

Level Requirement: Base Level 65.

Item Requirements: See Frog Hat on the Headgear Ingredients Page.

  1. Walk near the Roda Frog (gef_fild07 108,161) just south of the west end of west-geffen bridge.
  2. Speak to the small child, King Froggy asks you to bring him 100 Spawn. These are best hunted from Thara Frogs.
  3. Return with the Spawn and you will be asked to kill 50 Side Winders.
    • Progress can be tracked using the Quest Log window (ALT + U), or by enabling Show Quest Information in the chat window options.
  4. After you have killed all the Side Winders, return to King Froggy, he will ask you for 100 Venom Canine. These are best hunted from Anacondaqs.
  5. Return with the 100 Venom Canine, and he will ask for 50 Scale Shell, best hunted from Isis.
  6. Return with the Scale Shell, and he will ask you to kill 50 Argiope.
  7. Once you have killed the Argiope, return to King Froggy to receive a Frog Hat. Quest Not Repeatable.

Solo Box Quest

Alberta (120, 106)
  1. Speak to Alonie (120, 206) in Northern Alberta, outside the mansion.
  2. Kill 20 Zerom and 20 Requiem.
  3. Return to Alonie
  4. Kill 30 High Orc and 40 Arclouze.
  5. Return to Alonie.
  6. Kill 20 Green Maiden and 50 Mao Guai.
  7. Return to Alonie.
  8. Kill 40 Firelock Soldier and 20 The Paper.
  9. Return to Alonie and receive either Angry Solo Hat or Indifferent Solo Hat (at random). Quest Not Repeatable.
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