Counteragent and Mixture Quest

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Counteragent and Mixture Quest
Base Level: N/A (None?)
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Detrimindexta -OR- 1 Karvodailnirol, and 1 Alcohol, 1 Empty Bottle
Zeny: 3,000 -OR- 4,000 Zeny
Item(s): 1 Counteragent -OR- 1 Mixture (Repeatable)

1. With Detrimindexta, Karvodailnirol and Alcohol in the inventory, go to Alberta. Enter the Manor near the top of the map (12 o'clock), and head to the second floor. Speak to Louitz, found in the last room upstairs by the bookshelf. He will mention "Morgenstein".

Counteragent and Mixture Quest Louitz.jpg

2. Head to Geffen, and talk with Aure Dupon, located to the left of the east Kafra. He'll also refer to Morgenstein.

Counteragent and Mixture Quest AureDupon.jpg

3. Enter the former Blacksmith Guild and head upstairs. Talk to Morgenstein at the third floor. After talking twice, he will offer to make a Counteragent or Mixture.

Counteragent and Mixture Quest Morgenstein.jpg
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