Perfect Dodge

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Also known as Lucky Dodge.


Every character starts with a value of 1.

10 luk increases your Perfect Dodge by 1.

  • Perfect Dodge allows the player to dodge a physical attack by a chance in % corresponding to the Perfect Dodge value.
  • It is calculated before FLEE hence why it is not reduced by the mob effect, that is to say when a player has several monsters attacking him.
  • Flee therefore triggers after the fact that a player lucky dodged something or not, thus giving him even more chance to flee a monster. This part of the flee is reduced by the mob effect.
  • It does not work against skill attacks, traps, or magic.
  • This overrides (potential) critical hits.
  • Does not have a cap. Thus, 100% Lucky Dodge is possible.


  • Homunculus' flee is similar to this, as it is not reduced by the mob effect.


var LUCKY = 1;
LUCKY += LUK * 0.1;

LUCKY_MOD : Sum of modifiers

LUCKY is assumed to be accurate to one decimal. (verify?)