4th Anniversary Quest (2007/05/29) ~ (2007/07/10)

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4th Anniversary Quest (2007/05/29) ~ (2007/07/10)
Base Level: 0 / 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 2 Alcohol, 2 Karvodailnirol, 30 Steel, 10 Oridecon, 1 Iron Hammer, 15 Trunk, 2 Elunium, 2 Glass Bead, 10 Rusty Screw
Zeny: 100,000
Item(s): Pirate Dagger, Pirates Eye Bandage


1. Visit Weather Beaten Old Man in the east room of Hugel Pub (hugel 127,66).

2. Listen to what he says and respond with "Wow, that sounds like my kinda lifestyle!" and he will offer to make a Pirate Dagger in exchange for some materials.

3. Talk to him with the items in your inventory to receive a Pirate Dagger (lower headgear giving +15% exp).

NOTE: players must be above base level 60 to continue past this point

4. After receiving a dagger, Talk to him again to hear of his woe's with the Kraken and Turtle Island. He mentions that he entered a strange swamp from the map with the throne room.

5. Immediately south of the throne room on the Turtle Palace map, Players will be taken to the swamp where Capitan Wesley had stored his treasure. (south west (tur_dun04 71, 50) for 80+ and south east (tur_dun04 132, 62) for 60+)

6. At various points around the swamp, players will find pieces of a map, pieces of a key, pieces of a shovel, and finally the Pirates Treasure box. The points must be done in order as follows

60+ to 80- 80+
Top Left (27,79) Top Right (77,73)
Center Left (24,53) Center (44,43)
Top Right (79,74) Bottom Right (78,22)
Bottom Left (18,26) Top Left (27,79)
Center (44,43) Bottom Left (18,31)
Bottom Right (76,22) Center Left (16,49)

7. After obtaining his treasure box, return to Capitan Wesley in Hugel. He will insist that the player keep the treasure box, however since the key for it is broken he needs a few materials to make a new one

8. After bringing the materials, the player will participate in a "battle" with the lock on the treasure box similar to the battle with Sudri in the Seal of Mjolnir Quest, with the important exception that it is rather difficult to lose.

  • Note: if the pick is close to breaking, the player should select the option "Dry Hands" to restore 15 durability to the pick. Dry Hands then Apply Pressure to the Lock repeatedly works well, although it may begin to fail or become too random near the end.

9. After successfully bringing the lock's durability to zero, the box will open and players will receive a Pirates Eye Bandage (middle headgear giving +15% exp).