Christmas Event (2006/12/19) ~ (2007/01/02)

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Doll Trading Quest

Items Needed: 1 Panacea, 1 Well-Baked Cookie, 3 Stripped Socks, 1 Doll

Quest Rewards: Based on Doll Given, Santa Bag

  • Poring Doll:
  • Chonchon Doll:
  • Puppet:
  • Hung Doll:
  • Spore Doll:
  • Raccoon Doll:
  • Yoyo Doll:
  • Rocker Doll:
  • Black Cat Doll:
  • Munak Doll:
  • Osiris Doll: 5 Cookie Bags, 1 YggBerry, 7 X-Mas Cake
  • Baphomet Doll: 5 Cookie Bags, 1 YggBerry, 7 X-Mas Cake
  • Note: X-Mas Cake gives Magnificat level 3 and heals some HP when used.

1. Go to Lutie and talk to Isite (xmas 137, 233), then talk to Isire at (xmas 109, 109).

2. Talk to Rednyre (xmas 138, 140), he will talk about Isire missing in action and whatnot.

3. Go north to santa's house (xmas 142, 238) and go inside to the north corner to find Isire on the bed.

4. Talk to Isire and he will ask you to do his job for you. Go back to Rednyre.

5. Talk to Rednyre and he will tell you about deliveries to a bunch of people in lutie.

6. Go to Pellys (xmas 168, 160) and he will ask you what you wanted. In the text box type in "Bushed Noel".

7. Next go to Navidad (xmas 113, 273). Talk to him and in the text box type "Rudolph in the garden".

8. Move to Joyeux (xmas 119, 155). Like before, talk to him and in the text box type "My Fair Lady Santa Claus".

9. Last go to Noel (xmas 157, 126). Talk to her and enter "Jingle Bell Rock" into the text box.

10. Return to Rednyre. He will acknowledge you finished the deliveries and gives you a tree to take to Isire.

11. Go back up to Santa's house and up to Isire. Talk to him and eventually he will ask why you are helping him. In the text box type Merry Christmas. He will then ask you to get things to decorate his tree.

12. Talk to him again and you will need to give him 1 Well-baked Cookie, 3 Stripped Sock and one doll from the list above. What you get is dependent on the doll you give him.

13. Go outside to see his sister, Isite (xmas 137. 233). Talk to her and she will talk about how she wants to be an adventurer. She will ask you to get her a Panacea.

14. Talk to Isite again and she will go on and on about burning things and such. Eventually she will blind you and give you a Santa's Bag.