Easter Event Quest (2009/04/07) ~ (2009/04/21)

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Holy Eggs

Easter Event Quest (2009/04/07) ~ (2009/04/21)
Base Level: None/Unknown
Item(s): 2 Holy Egg
Quest Reward(s): Ability to make Holy Eggs
  1. Speak to Madame Kler in Prontera (prontera 165, 263). She will give you 1 Egg.
  2. Speak to Roseline nearby (prontera 160, 266). Ask her about the event. She will give you 1 Holy Egg.
  3. In Izlude dungeon, walk near the soldiers in Byalan Level 3 (iz_dun02 27, 360). Use your Holy Egg to assist Gahoman. He will give you a silver pendent to take back to his wife in Prontera.
  4. Speak to Roseline again to let her know her husband is well. She will make Holy Eggs for you in exchange for 1 Egg, 1 Holy Water, and 1 Awakening Potion.
    • Eggs can be purchased for 1000 zeny each from Madame Bachran (prontera 163,267). She states the price is 30z per egg, however she collects 1000z per egg.

Monster Extermination

Easter Event Quest (2009/04/07) ~ (2009/04/21)
Base Level: None/Unknown
Base Experience: Varies by Level
Item(s): Old Blue Box (Varies by Level)
  1. In Prontera, talk to the Crusader a bit northwest of the Pilgrims (prontera 147, 283).
  2. Accept his quest and head down to Byalan/Izlude Dungeon (izlu2dun).
    • You will be asked to exterminate a certain number of two different monsters which will vary based upon your character's Base Level.
    • Note you may have anyone in your current party kill the monsters. As long as the person killing is on your screen you will get credit for the kill as well.
  3. When you are done, return to the crusader in Prontera and claim your reward.
    • Can only be completed once per character.
Level Monsters EXP Items
50~69 40 Phen, 20 Swordfish 500,000 1 Old Blue Box
70~85 20 Marc, 40 Swordfish 700,000 1 Old Blue Box
86~95 30 Marc, 50 Swordfish 900,000 2 Old Blue Box
96~99 20 Strouf, 10 Merman 1,200,000 3 Old Blue Box