Easter Quest (2007/04/03) ~ (2007/04/10)

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Item Requirements: 3 Red Herbs, 3 Yellow Herbs, and (10 Holy Egg -OR- 60 Holy Egg)

Quest Rewards: 100k Base exp.


  1. Talk to Father Smiden (prontera 224, 309) and select "Sure, I can help you." and he needs 10 Holy Eggs to be gathered and delivered to Priest Trainees in Juno.
  2. Talk to Sister Nerlen (prontera 230, 321) to make Holy Eggs. She will offer to sell up to 10 Eggs at a time (for 1k each), or make up to 10 Holy Eggs at a time.
  3. Speak with Sister Tolnen (yuno 143, 185), and select "Yes, and I brought the Holy Eggs." She states that a priest had gone to gather herbs on one of the Einbroch Fields, but has not yet returned, and she requests that he be located.
  4. One map north of einbroch (ein_fild04 180, 129) find Father Pobshki, he requests assasistance in gather herbs.
  5. After collecting the herbs, Speak to Father Pobshki again and select "Yes I did, Here you are~"
    • Recieve 100k Base exp.
  6. Return to Sister Nerlen to learn that Father Smiden plans to gather a great amount of holy energy in Prontera to preform a mass blessing.
  7. Return to Father Smiden in Prontera, in exchange for 50 more Holy Eggs, he will do a mass blessing over all of Prontera.
    • The Mass Blessing will raise three of the six stats for all the characters near the church.

Holy Egg Perparation

12019.png Holy Egg
509.png 1 White Herb
508.png 1 Yellow Herb
511.png 1 Green Herb
523.png 1 Holy Water
574.png 1 Egg
Sister Nerlen
(prontera 230 321)
Sister Nerlen.jpg
  • Note: Eggs can be purchased from Sister Nerlen in exchange for a 1k (each) donation to the Prontera Church