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Game Masters, also known as GMs, are the employees of Gravity Interactive who patrol the game, answer e-mails, and monitor the servers. They are usually hidden from view from players, only communicating with them if necessary.

Special Commands

GMs have access to special commands which allow them to perform their job duties in the game. For a list and description of these tasks, see GM Commands.


In Game

  • GM characters` names will be displayed in yellow text.
  • GM names are always like this: iRO GM 01
    • It will always start with a lowercase i, then an uppercase R and O, then a space, then uppercase G and M, then another space, then a two digit number. Only the number will change from GM to GM. If you see any other version of the name like: lRO GM 02 or iROGM05, those are not valid GM names, real GMs have names that are spelt with the same characters and spacing as indicated above.
  • GMs will never ask for any of your account details in-game. They will always request that you submit account related queries thru the GM Mailing Service. Do not ever provide any individual with any account information in-game, regardless of any reason they may devise for needing such information.
  • GMs will NEVER ask for your password anywhere. They do not ask for your password in-game, or through the GM Mailing Service. The GM Team will NEVER, no exceptions to this, ask for your password. A GM will only ask for your account ID via the GM Mailing Service ONLY.
  • GMs use a distinct sprite. Males wear a white garment with gold trim, which extends down to the character`s feet, and females wear a white miniskirt with gold trim. All GM characters will be displayed with these special outfits.
  • GMs will never ask for items, zeny, equipment, etc. from any players for any reason. They will also not give out any items, zeny, equipment, etc. for any reason. The only exception to these two rules is in the case of special events. These events will appear broadcasted in yellow text on the top of the screen.

If at any time during the course of gameplay you encounter a character who claims to be a GM but does not meet the above mentioned criteria, or seems suspicious/engages in suspicious behavior, please take a screenshot of this character and submit it to the GM Mailing Service immediately. It will be investigated as soon as possible, and you will be informed of whether this individual was a true GM or an impersonator.

Official Forums

Community Managers can be identified by their forum rank title below their avatar image, their rank should read "Community Manager".

  • GMs can be identified when ALL of these conditions are true:
    • The forum user name starts with a capitalized "GM" followed by a space and a name, such as "GM Dark Poring" or "GM Spitfire".
    • AND below their avatar (or below their online status) their forum rank title should read "iRO Moderation Team"
    • AND when viewing the iRO Moderation Team group listing, they are listed there as part of the group. Which can be viewed here.

Please note that you should NEVER give out or post your Ragnarok Online account login information on the forums. If you need account assistance, please contact the GM Team via the GM Mailing Service. The GM and Community Management Teams will NEVER ask for your Ragnarok Online account password. Do NOT give out your Ragnarok Online account password to anyone.

GMs/CMs of Significance

  • Heimdallr: Head Community Manger who oversees all of Gravity's MMORPGs. Is active on all official Gravity forums, and frequently visits community fansites. Is also active in-game on GM characters during special events.
  • Hastur: Community Manager who oversees all of Gravity's MMORPGs. Is active on all official Gravity forums, but doesn't often make himself known in-game.
  • GOD-POING: Christy, (former head GM?) GM who was very active in the early days of RO, but hasn't been publicly seen for some time. Her current position is not entirely known.

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