Hide n' Seek Quest

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Hide n' Seek Quest
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Steamed Crab Nippers (Vit +1 Food)
Base Experience: 50,000
Item(s): 3 Green Salads (Dex +5)

1. Speak to Torpy in Hugel, (hugel 107 67) and he will cry about his missing father and mother.

2. Locate Torpy's mother just outside Hugel (hu_fild06 190 367) and she will ask that Torpy be informed that she is fine. Speaking to her again will tell you that the father is still in Hugel.

3. Talk to Torpy and he'll ask you to find his father.

4. Talk to the Suspicious Barrel (hugel 100 176) which is hungry and wants Steamed Crab Nippers. So give him the Nippers and a man (Torpy's father) will pop out and tell you that he has a good reason for hiding for 3 days... so it's time to expose him.

5. Talk to Torpy again and he'll want his mother to be informed.

6. Talk to Torpy's mother and she'll give you 50,000 Base EXP and 3 Green Salads (Dex+5)