Hugel Fifth Anniversary Festival Event (2008/06/10) ~ (2008/07/08)

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Reward NPCs

Lord Elvanc (84, 169)

Lord Elvanc will exchange various items for Festival Tickets:

Mini Game NPCs

Helen (113, 144)

For 1000z you can play a number guessing game with Helen. She will pick a number, and you have 6 tries to guess her number. After each guess she will tell you if her number was higher or lower than your guess.

  • Hint: Use a binary search, guess 50, then either 25 or 75, an so on.
  • Hint: Always guess halfway between two points.


Always begin by guessing 50: Halfway between 1 - 100
-If the number is smaller, guess 25, halfway between 1-50
-If the number is larger guess 38, halfway between 25-50
-If the number is larger guess 44, halfway between 38-50
-If the number is smaller guess 42, halfway between 38 - 43
-If the number is smaller guess 40, halfway between 38-42

Tickets Won:

1 Guess - 50
2 Guesses - 25
3 Guesses - 12
4 Guesses - 6
5 Guesses - 3
6 Guesses - 1

Rem (83, 150)

For 750z, Rem will offer you the opportunity to write down his poems. He wishes for you to copy down the line given, except remove all spaces. You must type in 3 lines correctly in a row in order to win 3 Festival Tickets. The lines are:

  • Thequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazydog.
  • Fortunateisthewonwhooneherheart.
  • Alackerofcrackersisasuckerforyuckers.
  • ImeanttosayKentwentandsenthislentbenttent.
  • Forasmuchofasmoochyouareamooch.
  • Asawisemanoncesaid,'Wherearemypants?'
  • Thewayyoutreatnovicessaysmoreaboutwhoyouarethanyourleveldoes.
  • Thechatterfromthehatterupontheladdercausesaclatter.
  • Thepoetryofthemomentliesinyesterday'sthoughts.
  • Neverkissamermanorelseyouwillgetharpies.

(Note: some web browsers will not work correctly when copying these lines, you may need to copy and paste the list into notepad and use them from there)

You will be teleported to the east edge of the map if you type too fast.

Troy (121, 116)

For 500z, Troy will challenge you to 5 rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Troy will count your wins and his wins (ties contribute to neither count). After 5 rounds, if Troy has won more rounds than you, you do not get any tickets. If Troy has won the same number of rounds as you, you will get 1 ticket. If you have won more rounds than Troy, you will be given 2 tickets for each extra round you won. (for example, if you win 3 rounds, and Troy wins 1, you will be given 2*(3-1) = 4 tickets.)

  • Note: If the option whats going on? appears, Troy will chose the same thing he chose last round (if the option appears 1st round, his choice will be bow)

Van (81, 123)

For 750z, Van will challenge you to a memory game, involving remembering an increasing number of monster names. If you correctly pass all 7 rounds, you receive 3 Festival Tickets.

There are 7 rounds, and in each round, you must type what you entered last round, plus the new name that he tells you, without any spaces. There are four possible monsters:

  • Drops
  • Poring
  • Poporing
  • Marin


  • Round one, you are told that the monster is Poring. You type "Poring" in the box.
  • Round two, you are told that the monster is Marin. You type "PoringMarin" in the box.
  • Round three, you are told that the monster is Poring. You type "PoringMarinPoring" in the box.
  • Etc.

The shortcut Ctrl+Insert for copy works in RO. The shortcut for paste is Shift+Insert.

Exchange NPCs

Dr. Leo (83, 82)

Dr. Leo doesn't say much, but he'll trade Festival Tickets for some items:

Ed (102, 128)

Ed is a fashion designer, and needs feathers to make a coat. Ed will exchange some Festival Tickets for any of:

Elena (78, 137)

Elena is an entomology student and needs your help collecting insect samples. She will trade you some Festival Tickets for any of the following:

Toma (106, 157)

Toma needs sand to house train her new kitten, Jellybean. She will exchange some Festival Tickets for any of:

Vangur (103, 149)

Vangur is an artist looking for rare shells. Vangur will exchange some Festival Tickets for any of:

Travel NPCs

VanRobenstien (prontera 235, 48)

For a cost of 4,000z, VanRobenstien will save you from the boring airships by firing you out a cannon in the direction of Hugel. You will land in a random location within Hugel.