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The Mailing System is a feature added of the Episode 10.4: Hugel update. It was deactivated on iRO for a time due to bugs, but returned to iRO when the Interface Renewal update occurred. It is currently disabled again on iRO because of a duping bug.

  • You can send mail via your Friends List (as long as you have one friend), your Party List (as long as you are in a party), or through the Mailbox.
  • Mail will be deleted automatically once your mailbox is full, starting with the oldest messages.
  • You can send a maximum of 30 messages at once.
  • Any mail you have opened must be taken care of in order to see next one.
  • You cannot send mail to characters on the same account.
  • Zeny and Items (1 item stack per message) can be sent via the Mailing System.
  • Messages which contain foul language cannot be sent.
  • Character and Account-bound items such as Wedding Rings cannot be sent via the Mail System.
  • Your mail is accessed via a Mailbox NPC in all major towns. There is a fee of 130 Zeny to access the mailbox.


Accessing and Inbox

Accessmail.jpg Mailinbox.jpg

Writing and Reading Mail

Writemail.jpg Samplemessage.jpg