Medicine Quest

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Medicine Quest
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 White Potion
Base Experience: 50,000
Item(s): 1 Old Blue Box

1. Go to the house in Hugel (hugel 153 153)[take a left after you exit the airship, there should be a bridge directly in front] and proceed to the second floor. Speak to Allen Schuwell (hu_in01 387 245) and he shall be talking about his son and lack of medication. He will request to demand his son to go get medicine for him. (Memorizing the name of the medicine is not required)

2. Postell Schuwell in the map south of Hugel (hu_fild06 34 123)[at the West portal] will then go get the medicine once he is told that his father needs him. However, he requests that his father be watched over during his absence.

3. Return to Allen and he shall complain some more about his pains. He will then request a White Potion. After receiving the White Potion, he will request that you remain by his side until Postell returns.

4. Speak to Allen again and he will talk about having another attack and request that you look for his medicine drawer.

5. Step on tile to the left of you at the drawer with the axe and pick (hu_in 372 254).

6. Return to Allen and go next to him and he'll ask for his medicine (Do not click on him).

7. Stand on the tile by the drawer again. A dialog about medicines in the drawer should appear.

8. Repeat 6 and 7 two more times and give Allen his medicine. You must reach the drawer before the flash appears, otherwise you need to repeat 6 & 7 until you get the medicine.

9. Speak to Allen a few more times (one of which requires standing near Allen). He will request for CPR and another dose of medicine. Repeat step 8. This time, a dialog about the Renkenbar experiments and side effects should appear.

10. Repeat step 9 a few times (the number of times is random).

11. After a certain point, Allen will complain about his pain instead of requesting CPR and Postell shall appear. Postell apparently got the wrong medicine and will then leave again. Allen will then tell you to return to the medicine drawer.

12. Receive 50,000 Base EXP and an Old Blue Box.