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  • Supportive skill
  • Levels: 1

Creates monsters that are bound to the skill's caster. Slave monsters have the following characteristics:

  1. The slaves do not move by themselves. They generally follow their master around when it moves. If their master is out of range, the slaves will stand still.
  2. The slaves will attack whoever their master is targetting; however, if the master changes targets, the slaves will still continue to attack the original target. If that target dies or leaves their sight range, they will then change targets to whoever their master is attacking.
  3. If the master is not attacking anybody, or if their master is out of range, they will stand around doing nothing. However, if attacked, they will attack back.
  4. If the master uses Teleport, the slaves will teleport along with it.
  5. When the master dies, the slaves will also die. The slaves will yield no experience or drops from dying this way.
  6. The slaves will respond to Call Slave.
  7. The slaves' movement speed is equivalent to the master's movement speed at the time of summoning.

Note that points 1, 2, and 3 do not seem to apply to all monsters; some have seemingly independent slaves that move around and attack on their own free will. However, they still die or teleport when their master does.

Some monsters spawn with slaves with them already.

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