Nifflheim Spotlight

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Nifflheim Spotlight
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Cursed Ruby or 1 Red Gemstone (Mage Classes), White Potions (Varies), 5 Ectoplasm, 5 Poisonous Powder
Hunting: 30 Gibbet
Base Experience: 1,125,000 (VIP)

750,000 (Non-VIP)

Job Experience: 450,000 (VIP)

300,000 (Non-VIP)

Event Notice

Nifflheim Spotlight Quest: Lost Spirits

Accepting the Request

  1. In Nifflheim go to the Pub located at (189,208).
  2. Speak to Kazien or Lyozien located near the staircase. The brothers will be talking about their job until one of them storms off. Talk to the remaining brother and agree to help them.
  3. He will ask you to meet his friend in Juno.
  4. Upon arriving at Juno head to the Sage Academy at (323, 282).
  5. Speak to Anvian at (yuno_in03 43,181). He will ask you to hunt 30 Gibbet and gather 1 Cursed Ruby. Mage class will need to gather 1 Red Gemstone instead of the Cursed Ruby.
  6. Go to (nif_fild02) and hunt the Gibbets and collect a Cursed Ruby.
  7. Return to Anvian at the Sage Academy. He requests that you find his teacher somewhere in Juno. Your hint is that he likes the future.
  8. Head to the building at (yuno 283,364) and go in. Enter the portal at (yuno_in03 231,60). Now proceed to the portal at (yuno_in03 223,169).
  9. At (yuno_in03 96,30) speak to Orovan. He is Anvian's teacher.
  10. Now return to Anvian. He tells you to return to Nifflheim.

Learning About the Spirits

  1. Speak to Lyozien in the upstairs of the Pub.(nif_in 65,31) He tells you to ask the children around town about the spirits.
  2. Find the 3 kids until one of them talks to you about the spirits: Phoebe located at (nif 314,154), Selene located at (nif 277,23), Luna located at (nif 65,82)
  3. After finding the 3 children return to Lyozien.
  4. He agrees that you should head to Skellington and let's you know that the people are more of the rural type.
  5. Around (nif_fild01 165,93) you will find a path leading down. Follow the path.
  6. Speak with the Dead Farmer at (nif_fild01 211,53). He tells you that some spirits get lost in the Yggdrasil Tree.

Finding the Spirits

  1. Now head to Umbala.
  2. In Umbala head to the Yggdrasil Tree. The entrance is located at (umbala 109,284)
  3. Immediately after entering the Yggdrasil Tree there will be a log crossing the water above you. Walk over the log and head east until you reach Tortured Soul (yggdrasil01 97,111).
  4. Now return to the point you appeared at when you entered. Head east. At the first intersection head north. At the next intersection head south and continue the path leading east. At the end you will arrive at a portal. (yggdrasil01 268,54)
  5. After entering this portal you will enter the next section of the Yggdrasil Tree. Head south immediately. You will need to walk around the wooden posts. Follow the path to the Lost Soul (yggdrasil01 73,172).
  6. Return to where you appeared at when you entered this section of the Yggdrasil Tree. Head east again and when the path leads to the northeast, follow it.
  7. After reaching the end of this path there will be another portal DO NOT enter it. Instead head down and follow the small path. At the end will be another Tormented Soul (yggdrasil01 271,235).
  8. Now go up again and you may enter the portal that leads the (nif_fild01). Head to Nifflheim from here (2 maps east).

Helping the Spirits

  1. Return to Lyozien in the Nifflheim Pub. He suggests that you tell his brother that you are helping them now. Go back downstairs and talk to him.
  2. Kazien storms out of the inn when you tell him what has been going on. Lyozien asks you to go after his brother and help him.
  3. Kazien can be found at (nif_fild02 62,64). He is injured and needs white potions or a priest.
  4. Bring him some White Potions, the amount you may need to use can vary so make sure to bring quite a few. Talk to him a few times to heal him with the potions. You will be teleported back to the Pub. (Priest or Acolyte class does not need white potions)
  5. Speak to Kazien and he thanks you for saving his life. He also mentions the witch that lives in Nifflheim.
  6. Go to the witch's house located at (nif 253,191)
  7. Inside speak to Witch (nif_in 31,168). She gives you a riddle to find ingredients for a potion to help the spirits.
  8. The first riddle will lead you to a Gravestone at (nif 186,122). Return to the witch after finding it.
  9. The second riddle will lead you to a building at (nif 169,162). Inside click on the Grandfather Clock (nif_in 150,98). Return to the witch after getting this ingredient too.
  10. The third riddle will lead you to a bridge in the west of Nifflheim. Go to (nif 103,181). Click on the dialog option and return to the witch with the final ingredient.
  11. Now the witch will ask you to gather 5 Ectoplasm and 5 Poisonous Powder.
  12. Return to the witch with these items. She will finish her potion and hand it to you. (No real item)
  13. Now return to the Yggdrasil Tree and locate the 3 spirits you found earlier.
  14. When you go to sprinkle the potion onto the third spirit a Masked Man will appear and try to take the potion from you. Talk to him and give the potion to the spirit even though it angers the man.
  15. Return to Kazien and Lyozien in the lower floor of the Pub and tell them what happened. They reward you with exp for helping them. (See Quest Window on top of page) Base and Job exp will both be given in 5 portions.
  • The brothers tell you that they must wait for the spirits to arrive at Nifflheim to talk to them.