OBB Quest

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OBB Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 50 Cyfar, 10 Brigan, 15 Clam Shell, 10 Crab Shell
Item(s): 1 Old Blue Box (Non-Repeatable)

* Note:This quest is no longer available on iRO renewal and classic servers

1. Find the "Old Man" located in the water near the west portal in Comodo. When you talk to him he will offer advice. Make your choice and listen to his advice.

2. Talk to him again and he will say that he has no more business with you. In blue text it says you feel that there is something you have missed.

3. Talk to him repeatedly until he tells you to come back later. Sometimes he responds quickly other times you may have to talk to him 20-30 times. He will then ask you to bring him some items.

Even though he tells you he wants 5 Clam Shells he really needs 15.

4. After exchanging the items, he will reward you with 1 Old Blue Box.

  • Note:This quest is not repeatable.