Pandger Mayer Quest

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1. Go to Alberta and talk to the Tourist (43, 244)

2. After you talk a few times, he will ask for some meat. Bring him exactly 20 Meat. (Sold in Prontera)

Note: Don't have any Well-Baked Cookies on you when you do this, as he will take them.

3. After he eats the meat, he will ask for 20 Well-Baked Cookies for his girlfriend.

4. When you give him the cookies, talk to him a few times till he tells you to go to Morocc for him.

5. At the Morocc Ruins, talk to Jacob (105, 62). Tell him Pandger Mayer introduced you. He will then ask for 1 No Recipient for his son.

6. After you give Jacob the No Recipient, keep talking to him until he recommends you to go to Elder Creek in Comodo.

7. When you go to Elder Creek, select one piece of advice you want him to give you. After he is done talking about the advice, keep talking to him until he wants you to get

  • 50 cyfar
  • 10 brigan
  • 15 Clam Shell
  • 15 Crab Shell

8. After you give him the items, he will reward you with an Old Blue Box and you can now ask him to give you advice whenever you want.