President Quest

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President Quest
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Research Charts, 10 Handcuffs, 1 Ymir's Heart Piece
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Grandpa Beard, 1 Geek Glasses
Quest Prerequisite(s): Biolabs Entrance Quest, Einbroch Murder Quest
Base Experience: 1,800,000
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box

1. On a visit to Lighthalzen, you stumble across an Ordinary Man, Ghalstein (lighthalzen 179 170) and greet him.

2. Walk close to the wall surrounding the upper left area, suddenly you overhear a conversation. You can't quite hear what they're talking about, but you hear a familiar sound... it's Ghalstein.

3. Next go talk to Ghalstein again and ask about what you just overheard, and confirm it was his voice. After trying to get it out of him, he finally admits that it was him on and he asks you to give him time to consider telling the truth.

4. He then tells you he belongs to a secret group that's fighting an underground war with someone and asks you to help them. Agree to help him. He proposes a restriction on you by making you swallow a red pill which will undoubtedly make sure you stay truthful to the cause. He assure that he'll give the antidote once you complete his mission.

5. Ghalstein wants you to investigate on Rekenber Headquarters because lately strange creatures have been seen under the basement. He asks for you to collect all related biological exhibits, plus the most important thing and he assure you that you'll know that important thing when I see it (Ymir's Heart Piece). He also tells you that lately people are missing in the slum area and it probably has to do with the Rekenber Corporation as well.

5. Those that did the Biolabs Entrance Quest can go to Level 2 and Level 3 of the Biolabs Dungeon through the Underwater Tunnel.

7. After gathering the items needed, talk to Ghalstein. He asks you to meet Gushaar for the next mission somewhere around Juno.

  • Obtain Membership Card

8. Looking somewhere around Juno, you found a Dismayed Man, Gushaar (yuno_fild04 165 245). You tell him you've been sent by Ghalstein and he asks you to chose red pill and blue pill. Since Ghalstein previously gave you red pill, choose the red pill. Then he asks if you have something to show him. Say yes, and show him the Membership Card.

9. After that he tells you his country, Schwarzwald is controled by the evil Rekenber Corporation. You learn that they have organized a resistance called Wing Of Secret with the help of the President Karl Weierstrass to free the Schwarzwald Republic from the control of Rekenber. He asks you to meet the President at an appointed time.

* Between 8 PM to 11 PM or 11 AM to 2 PM talk to the President's secretary. For iRO, the times listed are in Pacific Time.

10. At the President of the Schwarzwald Republic's Office (building in north Juno 157, 319), meet Secretary Hes O'Neil (yuno_pre 69 20) O'Neil tells you the President is waiting.

11. Talk to the Guard (yuno_pre 95 71) outside the President's office you find out he still meeting with another guest.

  • You may have to talk to the guard many times to continue

12. Finally, a Fine Gentleman comes out of the room; it's Keshnaar. He's the President's guest the Guard talked about!

13. After Keshnaar leaves, ask the Guard about him and you learn that Keshnaar works for Rekenber and is responsible for consulting with the government. You are let into the office.

14. President Karl (yuno_pre 69 79) is a busy man. So he gives you a few questions to ask him. After he briefs you about it, ask about your mission.

15. Your first mission from the President is to go to the Aldebran Kafra Headquarters and meet someone called Venice. Before you leave he wants you to pass a file to his Secretary Hes O'Neil.

  • Obtain File Folder

16. As you walk out of the room, you hear someone talking by the window, before the sound fades away.

17. Give the File to Hes O'Neil.

18. Find the Kafra Employee, Benith (aldeba_in 155 240) and she explains about voting rights for Kafra Service & Cool Event Corp.

19. After she's done, ask "are you Benith..?" and the let her see the Membership Card. She tells you she's a member of Wind of Secret as well. She explains one of the agent is stuck & is hiding at Grim Reaper's Valley and needs to be rescued. His name is Jargeah.

20. After a long search, I spot A Wounded Man, Jargeah (lhz_fild02 228 214). He asks who you are, so type in Kafra Corporation. He gives you a file and asks you to pass it to Benith and leave him here.

  • Obtain Sealed File Folder

21. Pass the file to Benith, then she asks about Jargeah. Afterwards, she passes back the file and asks you to hand it over to the President.

22. From the file, the President learns that one of the enterprise researchers caried the secret and is hiding in a secret place. His name is Shinokas, and is in Einbroch. My next mission will be find that person. (You may need to wait a few minutes in the room to talk to the President again and be asked about Shinokas)

23. When you tell the President about Shinokas, the guard interrupts your conversation and says Hes O'Neil has an urgent matter to see him about. O'Neil passes a pack of documents to President.

24. After President examines the documents, (You may have to click many times), he tells you a secret file about Shinokas is hiding in the store room of Rekenber Headquarters. You are ordered to go somewhere around Lighthalzen to wait for the Kafra Service to contact you.

25. North of Lighthalzen, A Mystery Woman, Esuna appears (lhz_fild01 66 219). She gives you a short briefing on how to infiltrate the corporation and steal the information. Esuna informs you to make contact with a secret agent, Lestin inside the headquarters and obtain a pass from him to disarm the security system.

26. Go back to Lighthalzen, and enter the Rekenber Headquarters. Go past the Guard (lhz_in01 35 226).

27. Go to the upper room in the research lab. He is Researcher, Lestin (lhz_in01 285 169). He tells you the location for the file is heavily guarded and the entry pass from him can last for 3 minutes.

  • Obtain Archive Permit

28. To get to the Document Room, return back outside from where you had to wear the Geek Glasses and Grandpa Beard to enter. Walk past the two female guides and there should be a portal north of them. In the new room, continue walking to the right, past another portal, until you see two guards guarding a room (around lhz_in01 177,29). When you arrive at the corner of the Document Room, wait patiently until both guards leave their post by walking near the (183,29) cell. When prompted, enter the pin number 738495 to enter the room. Then start your infiltrating, slide in the card and input the number on the card and enter the door. (3 minutes before you are spotted)

29. Type in Shinokas at the File Search Engine and find the relevant information is kept in area 1-5.

  • NOTE: The File Search Engine is Case Sensitive, so type 'shinokas' at the Input Box. This was tested on iRO.

30. Find the document at area 1-5, it's about Heart of Ymir again. It seems like the information you're looking for.

  • Obtain Shinokas Case File

31. Return the Archive Permit to Lestin and head back to Esuna.

32. Bring the document to Esuna. She adds some files and reorganizes them, then tell you to hand it over to the President.

33. When President finds out about the death of Shinokas, he says it's not important but the most important thing is what Rekenber is going to do with Ymir's Heart Fragments. He then asks you to run back to Esuna because she might have new information.

34. Meet Esuna again. She's very depressed because of the recent losses in her group and they plan to withdraw from Wind Of Secret. She later gives you the file.

  • Obtain Sealed File Folder

35. Tell the President of Esuna & her member's plans of withdrawing after passing him the document. He's puzzled and ask you to find out the reason from Esuna.

36. Esuna tells you that she believes there is a spy in the movement and President's trusted aide, Kurelle is the most suspicious. Later they infiltrated his residence and find the evidence that relates him to Rekenber. Her headquarters orders them to hold any actions that correlated with the President.

37. Rush back to President and tell him everything you heard from Esuna. He's stunned and after all, he's been played by the Corportation and betrayed by his trusted aide. He orders his secretary to invite Kurelle into the room. The President starts to question Kurelle. At first he act as if he doesn't know what the President is talking about, but he confesses and tell him everything about his ambitious and the Corporation.

38. Go back to Lighthalzen and tell everything to Ghalstein. It's a blow for Ghalstein after he hears it. He later gives you the antidode and apologizes for involving you in such a mess.

* This quest is not required on iRO in order to vote in the Kafra/Cool Event Corp. Elections.