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Renewal is a comprehensive system-wide revamp of Ragnarok Online. Stats, Skills, EXP, Level limits, monster placement and other mechanics are all modified. Third Class jobs are also added, allowing players to break the Base Level limit of 99 in effect since the game's inception.

Renewal has been implemented on all official RO services around the world with the exception of iRO Classic Loki server. After poor reception by jRO players, the update was withdrawn and has since been reimplemented with jRO-specific changes. It is unknown when most other servers will receive this update. Episodes since 13.3 requires Renewal to be implemented, iRO's Classic Loki server will not be able to apply further episodic updates.

iRO Wiki & Renewal

iRO Renewal servers are Yggdrasil, Ymir, and Valkyrie.

iRO Renewal Wiki is located here.

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