Snowy Days Event (2008/01/22) ~ (2008/01/29)

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Snowy Days Event (2008/01/22) ~ (2008/01/29)
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Base Experience: Varies
Job Experience: Varies


  1. Talk to the Sad Snowman atop the roof in Lutie (xmas 255, 167)
    Snowy Days Sad Snowman.jpg
  2. Listen to his story and bring him either a Crystal Blue or a Mystic Frozen (depending on character level). He then asks you to find the scientist in morroc.
  3. Speak to the scientist in Morroc (morroc 255, 183). He needs several items to complete his device. (Item list determined by character level)
    Snowy Days Scientist.jpg
  4. Deliver the items to the scientist and he will begin making the Portable Snowman Machine
  5. Speak to the Scientist again to receive the Portable Snowman Machine. Return to the Sad Snowman in Lutie.
  6. The Snowman wishes to visit a random Dungeon (based on character level)
  7. Visit Morroc Pyramid (moc_pyrd01 xx, yy), Nogg Road (mag_dun01 136, 76) or Thor Volcano Dungeon (thor_v01 17, 232). (just inside the entrance) The machine breaks during the visit and the Snowman thanks you for fulfilling his wish.
    Snowy Days Pyramid.jpg Snowy Days Magma.jpg Snowy Days Thors.jpg
  8. Return to Morroc and speak to the scientist to complete the quest. (No further rewards given, so this step is assumed unnecessary)

Portable Snowman Machine Materials

1 ~ 59 60 ~ 89 90 ~ 99
30 Animal Skin 30 Animal Skin 30 Animal Skin
2 Coal 2 Coal 2 Coal
30 Flexible Tube 30 Lantern 30 Used Iron Plate
20 Iron 10 Used Iron Plate 10 Rusty Screw
1 Crystal Blue 1 Crystal Blue 1 Mystic Frozen

EXP Numbers

Level Base Experience Job Experience
1 ~ 59 230,000 66,000
60 ~ 89 800,000 110,000
90 ~ 99 1,000,000 300,000