Successor to the Throne Quest

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Successor to the Throne Quest
Base Level: 80
Item(s) (Consumed): 2 Reins (Varies)
Quest Corequisite(s): Continental Guard Quest (To Step 2)
Base Experience: Varies (See Below)
Item(s): 1 Gift Box

1. In Morroc, Talk to the Continental Official (176, 103), and tell him that you want to volunteer. (Or just complete the Continental Guard Quest up to Step 2.)

2. Find the Messenger in Prontera on the bridge to the Castle (154, 353), who says the King has passed away from an illness and needs the help of an adventurer to select a new one.

3. Head into the castle, and talk to the Inspector (117, 163). He needs to test your suitability for the task by giving you a test of strength. If you are below a certain level, he will request you bring him 2 Reins first.

4. After you pass the quiz, you have become an Adventurer Appraiser. He then explains how to do your job. He says there are 7 Prince candidates who are each trying to become king. Due to the resurrection of Satan Morroc, the kingdom is changing the way it picks a new king, and is allowing experienced adventurers to evaluate the candidates.

5. In a room to the right (133, 154), talk to the Guard (175, 170), who lets you in to the room to meet the Princes.

6. Head up the stairs, and go into the first portal along the long hallway (300, 274). Talk to the Prince, but he apparently isn't very chatty. Talk to the Servant instead, who talks about the Prince.

7. Go to the next room down the hall, and talk to the next Prince, who seems rather full of himself.

8. Once finished, enter the fourth room, and talk to the the Prince inside, and keep going until you get to Poe.

10. The seventh Prince, Poe, who makes you play a guessing game. You must pick a number higher or lower than the one he has in mind twice to pass. You can then ask him questions.

11. Talk to the final Prince, Peter. After questioning him, he tells you about a girl who wrote to him and got him to grow a beard. He then asks you to bring a Bouquet to her in Al De Baran.

12. In Al De Baran, talk to the Girl (aldebaran 132, 184) and give her the Bouquet.

13. Return to Peter, who rewards you with a Gift Box.

14. Speak to the third Prince (218, 273) again, then to the 5th prince again. Head back to the 3rd prince's room and you overhear Ernst and Ahrum talking about helping each other to become "co-Kings" and that if one becomes corrupt, the other will kill him. Talk to Ahrum again, who says someone from his family who he was expecting to be here hasn't arrived.

15. Go into the room at (221, 343) where you overhear people plotting to poison Ernst in order to get Ahrum elected king. The Richard and Walter families appear to be conspiring to both gain control of the kingdom!

16. Tell what you found out to Ahrum, and he becomes upset and kicks you out of his room. When you try to go back in, you overhear him talking to himself. You'll be kicked out again if you try talking to him.

17. Go speak with Prince Ernst briefly, then attempt to go back in Arhum's room once again, and make sure you get both dialogues on the portal.

18. Return to the Inspector, and you talk to him about your impressions of the Princes. He says he's worried about Ahrum, and tells you to go talk to some of them again.

19. Watch as Ahrum talks to several of the Princes, going to each room as he yells at them, and observe what happens.

20. After the final confrontation, go into Ernst's room and watch them talk.

21. After Ahrum leaves, go to his room to see them talking once more. Ahrum asks Ernst to kill him, as he cannot stand being manipulated. As Ahrum dies, he makes you promise not to reveal what happened, as he wants Ernst to be king.

22. Go back to the Inspector and explain what happened. He thanks you and rewards you with some Base Experience.

  • Level 80: 300,000
  • Level 81-84:500,000
  • Level 86-90:450,000
  • Level 91-95:500,000
  • Level 96-98:550,000
  • Level 99:1,100,000