Taekwon Mission

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Taekwon Mission.png Taekwon Mission
Taekwon Mission Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 10
Cast Time: 1 second
Target: Self
Kihop Lv. 5


This skill is only usable by TaeKwon Kids, and cannot be used if the player changes into a Soul Linker or TaeKwon Master. When used, the name of a monster is randomly chosen. This will be displayed and memorized. If the player kills the selected monster 100 times (does not have to be consecutive), they will be award with 1 fame point, and will be assigned a new randomly selected monster. The selected monster will never be an MVP.


  • If this skill is used while the player's Target Percent is at 0% (no monster killed yet), they have a 1% chance to receive a new random target.
  • The ten players on each server with the most amount of Fame points become TaeKwon Rankers (no effect if the player is already a TaeKwon Master or Soul Linker). TaeKwon Rankers can perform an infinite combo of all kicks - Tornado Kick, Heel Drop, Roundhouse, Counter Kick - but they must prepare the stance of at least one of said kicks and spam the hotkeys when it triggers. Also, the kicks must be alternated; performing the same kick twice in a row ends the spam. The exception to this is Flying Kick, which cannot be used to continue a kick combo (but can be used infinitely without stance activation, as usual).
  • Level 90+ TaeKwon Ranker players receive tripled Maximum HP and SP, and are able to use all of the TaeKwon skills. View the TaeKwon Ranker Fame List by typing "/taekwon" ingame.
  • If your target is Goblin, any monster called "Goblin" will count toward the mission (All 5 "Goblin"s will count, but not Goblin Steamrider).
  • You can get a mini boss for target (ingame skill description says you can't).
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