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I am a combo Champion on Chaos server. Zero69.

Upon slowly leveling up the Chain Crush Combo I realized an error in the information. From what I have counted myself and with several others. Chain Crush Combo does more or less than what it says, not 100% yet, only have level 5 so far and will update as I get job levels.

Level 1 = 1 hit Level 2 = 1 hit Level 3 = 2 hits Level 4 = 2 hits Level 5 = 4 hits

I thought it was awkward so continuously tried the different levels of it until 5 to count the amount of hits. And up to level 5 Chain Crush Combo which I have, the numbers above are correct. Was hoping somebody with full levels can tell me. Also at level 10 where it says it does 1400% damage, was wondering if that is 1400% damage for each of the supposed 5 hits? I will update this as I go along.