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Formatting Rules

Here are some rules I'd like to institute when it comes to quest pages.

1. NON-FIXED Experience (Job and Base) gained as a reward for the quest go in the actual quest writeup, not in the Rewards: field at the top. This is to prevent confusion for some who may assume they will be getting more or less EXP than they actually would had they completed the quest. This doesn't apply to quests that give out fixed amounts of EXP to everyone regardless of Level.


I've thought about it often, but I've never been sure if it's worth doing: Should this page be reorganized so it's not just one long list? Is there any other arrangement that would be easier to navigate? Or does this work just fine? --Resplendent 17:36, 16 November 2007 (MST)

The newer quests could do with the chart showing which quest is required for what, preferably not just as an image at the side but as a table with all the links inside it (kind of like Classes, but it doesn't really have that much of a flow). --Deviattor 19:42, 16 November 2007 (MST)

Ring of the Wise King

If you see the quest prerequisites of Ring of the Wise King, you'll see that Finding a Fairy is one of them. On the Quests page, Finding a Fairy is not in the Arc Quests part. Can someone confirm that Find a Fiary is/n't a prerequisite? --Toddlertoddy7 Junr 25th, 2010

I've added Finding a Fairy to the table for ep13 quests. --Stalker-ness 13:08, 25 June 2010 (MDT)