Talk Like a Pirate Day Event (2010/09/16) ~ (2010/09/30)

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Talk Like a Pirate Day Event (2010/09/16) ~ (2010/09/30)
Base Level: Unknown
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Squid Ink, 5 Feather of Birds, 6 Worn Out Page, 1 Key of Clock Tower -OR- 1 Key of Underground
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Eye Patch (Purchasable at the Payon armor dealer) -OR- Pirate Dagger (Available only through previous quests.)
Base Experience: Varies
Job Experience: Varies
Item(s): Pirate's Pride
  1. Head to Comodo and talk to "J Roger" at (217, 141) wearing your pirate gear and pick the obvious choices.
  2. Head to the east cave (beach_dun3) Talk to the "Half Buried Chest" at either (86, 65), (95, 87), (191, 213), (270, 74) or (244, 31). Do so until it gives you a "Treasure Box". If there's an earthworm, it's the good chest.
  3. Head back to Comodo and once again talk to "J Roger". He will give you your first EXP reward.
  4. Talk to him again and he will ask you for the items to make a treasure map.
  5. Talk to him when you have gathered the items and he prepares the map. Talk to him again and he'll give you the map as well as the now locked Treasure Box.
  6. The place he sends you appears to be random.
    • If he says "in front of the shore, where the light house is" then head to Comodo Pharos Beacon (212,135). You can teleport there via the Comodo Kafra Employee.
    • If he says "the shore of the Romantic Island where Mobsters wander", then head to Comodo Field 02 (162,117). (One north, two west of Pharos Lighthouse).
    • If he says "the screeching bridge where wild otters play", then head to Comodo Field 04 (131,256). (One north, one west of Pharos Lighthouse).
  7. As soon as you enter the map you'll get a popup and a marker on your mini-map of where to bury the treasure. Note: It's best to walk as teleporting or flywinging removes the marker from your map. Once at the marker, bury the treasure in the "Soft Earth". Follow the prompts, and drink the potion for your second EXP reward.
  8. Go back to Comodo to talk to "J Roger". He informs you that the treasure has been stolen! (Somehow...) And the culprit is a pirate anchored near the lighthouse. You can get to the lighthouse via the Comodo Kafra Employee (Comodo Pharos Beacon).
  9. The pirate captain is located at (80, 119) on Beacon Island (cmd_fild07). Talk to him a couple times until he asks you to tell him the pirate spirit. There are different good answers. What follow is a working suggestion :
    • "Great"
    • "sailors"
    • "Help"
    • "the weak and old"
    • "conciliate him"
    • "You preach at him"
    He gives you an "old compass" to return to the boy (J Roger) as well as your final EXP reward.
    He will also give you a Pirate's Pride.
    • Quest is not Repeatable.

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