Thanksgiving Event (2007/11/20) ~ (2007/11/27)

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Thanksgiving Event (2007/11/20) ~ (2007/11/27)
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Aloe Leaflet
1 Hinalle Leaflet
10 White Potion
10 Green Herb
10 Green Potion
10 Red Herb
Base Experience: 420,000
Job Experience: 150,000
  1. Talk to Mr.Brando in front of the Rachel Airship Station to start the quest. He asks you to bring 1 Aloe Leaflet.
  2. Give him 1 Aloe Leaflet.
  3. Talk to him again and he will ask for 1 Hinalle Leaflet.
  4. Go to the Rachel Inn (close to Cool Event Corp Employee), Mrs. Brando is on the 2nd floor, in the last room. Talk to her. Give her 10 White Potions.
  5. Talk to Grandma Vira and give her 10 Green Herbs. She's on the 2nd floor too, in the first room.
  6. Go to the garden left of Rachel Inn. Talk to Kipp. Give him 10 Green Potions.
  7. Talk to Cherice. Give her 10 Red Herbs.
  8. Go back to Mr. Brando again to finish the quest