Tom Yung Goong Quest

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Tom Yung Goong Quest
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Shrimp, 10 Lemons, 30 Chilies
Zeny: 13,000 Zeny (To Buy Ingredients, Optional)
Item(s): 10 Tom Yum Goong

1. Talk to Anon in Ayothaya (ayothaya 196,265). When asked if you would like to try a Tom Yum Goong, answer "Sure thing". He will ask you to find Mali the Spicy. For reference, Mali the Spicy's restaurant can be found near the bottom right of the town (ayothoya 229,71).

2. Mali the Spicy (ayo_in01 145,163) says that if you wish to taste her Tom Yum Goong, you have to do something for her. Answer "Sure!". She will ask for ingredients for Tom Yum Goong.

3. You can get the Shrimp from Thongpool (ayothaya 153 86). Tell him "I need shrimps for Tom Yum Goong." He'll sell 20 Shrimp, to you for 11,000 Zeny. Say "I will take them." Now go back to Mali the Spicy.

4. Mali the Spicy will ask you to find Lemons. Answer "Where can I find lemons?" Go to Mr Jun (ayothaya 121 240). Tell him "I need some lemons." and "Yes, I will pay you." He will ask you to play a game with him "Sure, why not!" Win 3 out of 5 games in Rock Paper Scissors against him and you will get 10 Lemons. Now go back to Mali the Spicy.

5. After giving the Lemons to Mali the Spicy, she will ask for Chilies from the merchants. Say "Ok, I will be right back". Go the Merchant Thongdum (ayothaya 213 94) to buy the chilies. He will sell 30 Red Chilies for 2,000 Zeny when you answer "Thanks. I will take them".

6. Give Mali the Spicy the Red Chilies. She will now make Tom Yum Goong. After a quick dialog you receive 10 Tom Yum Goong.

7. After completing the quest, you will not be able to buy more shrimp or chilies. If you wish to buy more of them, you need to leave the quest open-ended and not talk to Mali the Spicy in the previous step.