Turtle Island Treasure Quest

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Turtle Island Treasure Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s): 5 Banana Juice -OR- 1 Red Gemstone (Non-Repeatable)

1. Talk to the Scholar in Alberta (alberta 248,90).

2. Read the Voyage Log (alberta 247,93) twice. Then go to the mentioned position on TI surface (tur_dun01 160,81) and open the box with the skull key from the Log. You'll get 5 Banana Juice.

3. Other possible coordinates you may get at the end of the Log: It could tell you to go to the Turtle Tree Roots (tur_dun02 132,251), then to the Pile of Turtle Crystals (tur_dun02 46,125) and finally to the Turtle Pillar (tur_dun02 51,155). There you'll get a Red Gemstone .