Valentine's Day Event (2010/02/11) ~ (2010/02/25)

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Valentine's Day Event (2010/02/11) ~ (2010/02/25)
Base Level: 20
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Well-baked Cookies
Base Experience: 90,000
Quest Reward(s): 5 Yggdrasilberry, Random Pet Egg

Hugel Path

  1. Speak to the Old Man (hugel 102, 148) in Hugel.
  2. Head to Al De Baran and talk to either Eshuter (on a diet) at the front of the line (181, 127) or to her boyfriend Tarence, also in front of line (98,138).
  3. Ask to cut in line.
  4. Speak to her or him again to give one of them 20 Well-baked Cookies. They are for Eshuter either way.
  5. Talk to the Angeling. Speak to it again until it gives you an item.
  6. Receive a misc item, 'Cupid's Chocolate'
  7. Return to Old Man to get 90,000 Base Experience, 5 Yggdrasilberry and 1 random pet egg.
  • Reported Pets so far include: Baby Desert Wolf, Bongun, Chonchon, Dokebi, Drops, Green Petite, Isis, Lunatic, Munak, Orc Warrior, Pecopeco ,Picky, Poison Spore, Poporing, Poring, Rocker, Savage Bebe, Smokie, Spore, Steel Chonchon, Yoyo.

Juno Path

When giving the boy (66,189) the reward, it gives an extra 3-4 options

  • I Made It Myself
  • Please Take This Gift
  • Happy Valentines Day
  • I Can't Do This!

In return, you can pick from 10 Light White Potions or 5 Light Blue Potions. Both are slightly stronger than normal potions, and weight 1 each instead of 15.