WoE 2 Guild Dungeon Event

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WoE 2 Guild Dungeon Event
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Hoe (Per Attempt)
Item(s): 10 Pierre Treasure Boxes
  1. One hour after the servers come up, Kublin spawns in the Nidhoggur and Valfreyja Guild Dungeons. When you kill Kublin, you receive a 'Hoe' reward.
  2. A Dwarf near the center of the map will ask for the Hoe. If you give him the Hoe, he'll swear allegiance to your guild.
  3. When a your guild leader elects to start the event, he will warp them to a special map. When he does this, he'll lose allegiance to your guild and no one else may enter the map until he is brought another Hoe.
  4. In this special map, an NPC, Pierrot Doll will ask you to play a game with her. She will drop 900 Glittering Papers. One of them is special, you'll have to find the right one before 1 minute passes and give it to her. There is no way to tell if you have the special paper other than the fact that it shouldn't stack with the other papers.
    • Note: Greed is especially helpful for this.
  5. If you win, she will give you 10 Pierre Treasure Boxes. Each box gives 6 items. If you lose, you can keep trying again until you win or run out of time.
  6. Once the quest is over, the Dwarf will accept Hoes from any player, but the Kublin will not respawn until next maintenance.

Treasure Box Items