2013 Easter Event

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2013 Easter Event
Base Level: 40
Hunting: 50 Deviruchi, Wraith Dead, Dullahan, or Nightmare Terror
Base Experience: Varies
Job Experience: Varies
Item(s): 1 Easter Egg Shell

Lifting the curse

1. Talk with Lina (prontera 202,297) twice and offer to help free her from her curse.

2. Kill 50 Deviruchi, Wraith Dead, Dullahan, or Nightmare Terror.

3. Talk with Lina and listen to the music she plays. Search the city which corresponds to the music for the curse's manifestation — which can be seen as a mark on the ground — and click it.

The curse is manifested at the following locations:

4. Talk with Lina, who rewards you with 1 Easter Egg Shell and some Base EXP and Job EXP.

5. Upon clearing Lina's curse, her egg-shaped NPC friend (next to Lina) becomes willing to make deals with you. This NPC can create something egg-related provided you bring the materials of 1 Egg, 1 Star Dust, 20 Jellopy, and 250,000 Zeny. You can buy 5 Eggs for 2,000 zeny from Lina's little friend.

Reward Amount
Special Toast 2
Holy Egg 5
Yggdrasil Seed & Eggs 2 & 5
Picky Egg 1
Savage Bebe Egg 1
Poporing Egg 1
...list incomplete


  • The Easter Egg Shell has the following properties: def: -7, mdef: -7, recovers 1% of your HP every 10 seconds, flee + 2 if refined to +7 or higher, recovers 1% of your SP every 10 seconds if refined to +9 or higher.
  • Holy Eggs enable a single use of level 2 Resurrection.
  • After you have completed the quest, Lina will buff you if you talk to her.
  • The Deviruchi kill count quest provides 1,479,187 base EXP and 311,904 job EXP on Classic.